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Are you ready to turn those Short Sales collecting dusk on your desk into real money in your pocket? If so, it is vital that you avoid the Top 4 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make When Entering the Short Sale Market!
Mistake #1  "Not Realizing How Big the Opportunity Is"

Missing out on an opportunity is deadly. It won't kill you, but it will kill your pocket book. It will destroy your earning potential. Nobody wants something like that to happen...just the opposite. People want to make money. They want to earn more. But how you ask? 

Mistake #2  "Thinking It's Easier to Negotiate the Deal Themselves"

My friend is a pilot for a large commercial airline.  He loves to fly and travels all over stopping in cities across the world.  (Sometimes I envy him). We discussed the role and importance of a co-pilot.  A trained co-pilot is important even with the advanced aircraft technology of today.
My  friend told me how a co-pilot is not in command but is there to relieve or assist the pilot in flying the plane.  The co-pilot can step in if something should happen. They help safely negotiate the takeoff, in flight turbulence, and landing of the plane.  Pilot's and co-pilot's are negotiators




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