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Renegade Concepts, Inc. is about OPPORTUNITY.  "We only prosper when we prosper others....." 

We operate in three main business areas:

(1) Entrepreneurial education and mindeset development, built into a PROVEN business model.

(2) Seeking the elite ONLY for new, EXIT Realty Franchise sales in Northern Nevada.

(3) Marketing and Promotion of YOUR business using a variety of proven strategies.  Leadership training for individuals and organizational teams.



Exit Realty is THE only major improvement to the business of selling real estate since RE/MAX, over 26 years ago!  This is truly real estate re-invented. 


EXIT is a proven real estate business model that supplies multiple sources of income.  For the agent it is about security, stability and direction.  For the agent's families it is security in the form of a beneficiary clause and pension residuals. 

Are YOU a broker in Nevada that is able to demonstrate leadership?  We would welcome a discussion with you.  Timing is everything and the team we select in Northern Nevada to lead the market will get many valuable tools that are almost unfair to any other agent and brokerage in the area.


Are you looking for a change?  Do you have a vision for your life that is different from your self-created reality today?  Do you realize that YOUR life is a direct result of all the decisions that YOU have made up to this point? 

What if your annual income could become your monthly income? 

Renegade Concepts, Inc. is here to help YOU:

(1) Succeed regardless of obstacles. 

(2) Produce abuandance long-term.

(3) Coach and train you with a skill set that will FREE you from dependence on a "job" forever. 

Our main mission at Renegade Concepts, Inc., is to lead others to the realization that FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS are achievable.  You DESERVE success.  You DESERVE happiness. 

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 Your ability to make money in your business is directly related to your ability to feel good about it.  We can show you several ways to improve your income significantly. 

We help you develop your life and business into a position of strength.  You can only serve others from a position of strength. 

If you do what the masses do, you will get the same result.  What you do = what you have.  You and I are a direct result of the choice that we have made.  What if you could take back control of every single aspect of your life and DECIDE your way to abundance?

If you are completely satisfied with your life, congratulations.  You need not call.  If you have a vision for your life that does not match your current reality, then let's just have a brief conversation to see if we have a good fit. 

What I offer is beyond conventional wisdom.  But when has "conventional wisdom" ever been the best for YOU?  I am looking for big thinkers and leaders.  People who can be coached and trained with the best of the best leaders in their respective industries.  Get in touch with me today to find out more.


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