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Our research shows the top 5% of realtors know where the bulk of their income comes from, and track how much effort generates these results. Then, they set up a business strategy to fit what they are best at. According to 40 years of research by the Gallup organization, people who get a chance to use their strengths each day report better financial security, stronger relationships, and greater quality of life. If you leverage your strengths, and do what you enjoy, expect to double your results.

We identify the easiest and most natural ways for you to generate leads and revenue based upon your strengths and personality. Then we get you to follow the plan consistently. Fitting the strategy to the person creates better results in all aspects of life, rather forcing you to fit into a pre-defined box or system.





The top 5% of realtors have up to 80% of their income production and 100% of their administrative work done by support staff and systems.

We analyze your current strengths to understand what you need to build around you, better systems, more staff or both. When the time is right, we help you decide the best software solution for tracking progress with clients or lead generation, and we guide you on how to effectively hire and manage staff to with complementary strengths to fill around your weak. We tend to free up 10-20 hours by eliminating time spent on unproductive areas, and setting up systems to ensure clients get the service they need. The result is more free time, when you want, without the worry.




5% or Realtors sell 95% of houses. We know how they do it and help you become part of the 5%.