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Social networking, or social media, is changing the way people communicate, make decisions, form relationships, and do business. Social media has become an integrated part of culture and lifestyle, worldwide. For Realtors, social media presents a variety of advantages and opportunities, such as viral marketing, promoting your identity, and community engagement. Do you have an interesting story to tell? Using social media in combination of well-thought-out keywords and geographic branding, the social networking business model opens a world of opportunities.

With search engines like Google placing emphasis on social media and link popularity, Realtors can achieve a first page search ranking with social media sites providing the means of achieving this goal. With a lifestyle shift in the way we use media to connect and interact, a new frontier of businesses has emerged based on an ability to provide users with new and creative ways to engage and share interest specific information and media through basic or niche social networking sites.

The Social Media Marketing Depot uses state of the art technology to provide clients with the ultimate Social Media Marketing Campaign. Starting with a thorough keyword seach that targets relevant keywords for each client, we design and produce media that generates traffic and magnetically attracts leads. We submit hundreds if not thousands of media messages for each campaign, assuring effective results, while monitoring the campaign's overall effectiveness using Google Analytics.


We are expert in helping Realtors® promote their name, brand, and business to people throughout their area.

Social Media is more than just having a blog and a video. Contact me if you're looking for any advice on how you can use social media to promote yourself: from setting up your Wordpress blog to making a video and posting on video sites.

There's much more to social media than what most people realize For example, social media is blogs, videos, podcasts, articles, social bookmarks. Add to that is the fact that there are hundreds of social media sites where you can post your content. And Google and the other search engines are looking at all of them.

An effective social media campaign gets the word about about you and your business. This is also how you build link popularity for your website.


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