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Hello everyone!

I'm a volunteer for The Real Estate Wiki, as I believe in making general real estate information more freely available to everyone. No one should struggle to find the definition of a term, the correct meaning of an acronym or abbreviation, to be able to get a real estate question answered or even waste time finding the contact details of real estate service provider, broker or agent.

All my posts are either from the Real Estate Wiki or are answered through informaton I get from the Real Estate Wiki. I inject my own opinions, of course, but the more I read the Wiki, the more educated I'm becoming about real estate as a whole.

The Real Estate Wiki can help you find what you need, too.

It is a non-profit, privately funded, free real estate encyclopedia, directory and wiki.

It offers a lot of helpful information for the real estate industry at large and has grown to over 25,000 entries from their launch in January with 7,000 entries.

As a little background, it was created by a group of about 15 real estate professionals who felt the industry was being underserved with the quantity and quality of real estate specific information on Wikipedia and felt that our industry was large and significant enough to justify its own freestanding wiki.

5 Things About The Real Estate Wiki You May Find Interesting:

1) It isn't tied to any company, news service or affiliate site; it's a stand-alone wiki with no loyalties except to bettering its content and providing its user base with a comprehensive real estate resource;

2) Its layout is unique in that it extends further than just a traditional wiki searchand features logically sorted information in more than 70 categories to make searches by groups, needs, organizations, professionals, occupations snd more easy and interesting;

3) The site has no advertising - no banner ads, no pop ups. This is a commercial free, user friendly environment;

4) Anyone can view and use the Wiki without registering; however,  to add or edit the Wiki does require users to register so that spammers, marketers, inappropriate material and vandals can be minimized and controlled;

5) Real estate experts, authors and licensed agents verify entries on an ongoing basis to ensure quality and accuracy.

As a unique feature, The Real Estate Wiki now also offers a "Wiki Widget" that anyone can place on their site. This allows people to use the full resource and encyclopedia of the wiki remotely and get answers while still staying on their own site.

If you are in real estate, you should be using the Real Estate Wiki every day; If you really care about real estate you should help edit or contribute towards helping improve the content on Real Estate Wiki.

Join the professionals who want to make the real estate industry a better place.

Your friend in quality free real estate information...



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