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We are all about Real Estate SEO Service - We specialize in search engine optimization for realtors   OverviewReal Estate SEO Pros was started by two partners Jeremiah Thompson and Aaron Evans. Jeremiah is a former real estate agent who has developed some very sophisticated internet marketing techniques specific to the real estate industry. The lead capturing system he developed has resulted in a successful business with many happy clients that depend on his system for quality leads. Aaron comes from a web development and SEO background working for some very prominent web 100 corporations. We have a team of dedicated SEO experts and client account managers that are always trying to improve your websites rankings and bring you more qualified traffic. You will be pleasantly surprised by our customer service and account support. Our team is always available by phone and you will have a dedicated account manager that you can call at any time. We strive to bring you the best customer service in the SEO industry. By developing SEO processes and techniques specific to the real estate industry, we believe that we are in the best position possible to help real estate agents establish a better web presence in this competitive environment. We maintain a series of industry connections and secret techniques that we don't share to help you raise your search engine rankings and increase your website traffic. The result is simply more leads and more closes for you. We stand behind our work, and if we do not live up to our guarantees then you don't pay. Its that simple. We believe in what we do, and we know that if we keep your traffic coming and increase your sales, then you will stay with us. Thanks for your interest and happy rankings!   How We Work We use all the latest SEO strategies and techniques to optimize your website and build great links for your site. Above and beyond that, we employ quality experts in the real estate industry that know how to leverage their industry contacts to help you. We will employ a comprehensive marketing plan that is tailored to your geographic area and utilizes all relevant channels of online marketing including articles, PR, blogs, forums, social media and more.   Why Us? Due to the competitive nature of the real estate industry, it is necessary to have a high degree of knowledge about how the real estate industry works on the web. So we focus specifically on the real estate industry. Our company is made up of former realtors and SEO professionals that have worked for real estate companies. We have a network of industry contacts and websites we can leverage to help improve your sites keyword rankings. We have helped other Realtors get to the first page of Google and we can help you too! Whether you are a part time realtor with a small practice, or you are a large brokerage, we can help you to realize your search engine ranking goals! Give us a call now to see how you can get FREE keyword research for your site or you can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you right away.  

At Real Estate SEO Pros, we specialize in search engine optimization for realtors. This means that we have developed custom processes and techniques to help you rank well in the search engines for your most valuable keywords. Higher rankings mean more traffic, and more traffic means more closed deals. It's that simple and we know how to do it. Here are some key reasons why our SEO services are superior to the competition.  

Keyword Research Website Optimization Link Building Article and Blog Writing Forums and Blog Comments Social Media Google Maps Real Estate Search Real Estate Market Reports Local Search Optimization

  Keyword Research
We do comprehensive research to find the best keywords to target in your geographic area. We will analyze your site and business to come up with the most targeted terms possible, which will mean more relevant clients coming to your website and contacting you. We even analyze your local competition to see which keywords they are targeting.   Website Optimization
We offer FREE optimization of your website. What this means is that we will go into your html (if you let us), and optimize your code so that your site gets indexed optimally by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. We will submit sitemaps to Google, sign you up for webmaster tools, and register your site with key search engine directories. All this will result in higher keyword rankings, higher Pagerank, and ultimately more traffic and sales for you - Guaranteed.   On-Site Optimization
This involves optimizing your website's html code so that the search engine robots or "spiders" index your site properly. Some elements of on-site optimization include changing your meta tags, title, navigation links, robots.txt file and page content. If you haven't optimized your web site properly, it will be much harder to rank well for your targeted keywords.

  Off-Site Optimization
This involves the hard work of building traffic, PR and back links to your site. Back links or inbound links are a major factor that the search engines consider when they rank your site for certain keywords. Back links are considered "votes" for your site because in essence another site has trusted your site enough to link to it. The more quality links your site has, the better you will rank for your targeted keywords.

  Link Building
Link building is the art of getting other quality sites to link to yours. Google measures how many links you have pointing to your site, and that is a major factor in how highly you rank for search results. If you have only 1 link pointing to your website, you won't come up in the search results for competitive search terms. If however, you have 1000 links from quality websites that are relevant to real estate, then chances are you can rank very well. We have industry connections and a network of websites and blogs we can leverage to boost your rankings and increase your traffic and sales.   Article and Blog Writing
We have real estate experts that specialize in SEO write articles and blogs that are relevant to your readers. These are dubbed "Local Market Reports" and they can be published in your name on your site and across the internet on the top article submission sites. The result will be that soon you will start to be recognized as an authority on your local real estate market, and you will get more links and traffic. We will publish these articles as local market reports that are relevant to your clients right now.   Forums and Blog Comments
We can also post in popular forums and blogs under your name with links back to your site. This will also help establish you as a knowledge leader in your local real estate market.   Social Media
We can build you Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Squidoo profiles and invite friends for you. This will help drive traffic and publicity to your site, and the additional links will raise your search engine rankings.   Google Maps Real Estate Search
Did you know that Google has added a real estate search feature to their map? They are entering the world of real estate listings and are quickly becoming a de facto MLS. Understanding how search is changing the real estate marketing game is essential for survival in the coming years. Read the articles below for more info:

Google Maps Real Estate Search Optimization   Real Estate Market Reports
We create custom real estate market reports for your local real estate market. We can publish them on your website as well as our network of real estate sites, and other relevant real estate sites across the internet. The result is that you become the information leader for your area. This will create inbound links to your website and drive more traffic and leads to your website. (Read More About Real Estate Market Reports)   Local Search Optimization
Most agents don't understand how to get into the local search results for their area. We can optimize your site and help you to rank in the 10 local business listing that come up for popular local searches. (Read More About Local Search Optimization)   (Read More About Other Marketing Services



Rea Estate SEO Pros Specializes In Driving Quality Traffic To Your Website For More Leads and Sales - Guaranteed.