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We are a home inspection service providing detailed evaluations of the property you are selling or buying. We specialize in educating the first time homebuyer.

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Inspecting for industry after becoming certified as an inspector and educator in 1993, I've been at this a long time.  That's a lot of years of understanding a code or specification, reviewing a structure and issuing comprehensive reports as to what I saw, what was acceptable, what was not and what should be done about it.  

I love what I do.  Back in 2001 I decided I would go into business for myself.  I took the inspecting, reporting and educating skills I'd honed over the years and applied them to the home and commercial inspection market.  It has been a great match. 

You'll like my reports.   I used to use one of those checklist-type reports. Frankly, they're not very informative nor are they easily read. It is far too easy to overlook significant problems.  

Your report will be custom-made, thirty-some typed pages, completely narrative and with photos. It will describe what was looked at, what was wrong, why it is wrong, and the best way to address the problems. This helps ensure you'll get a proper repair, not just a band-aid. 

With hard-to-understand defects, pictures will be included complete with arrows pointing to the problem and circles around them. Your report will be clear and easy to understand.

As a fully Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). I follow their strict inspecting standards, and I adhere to their code of ethics. 

ASHI is one of the oldest and most respected home inspecting organizations out there.  In Minnesota and Iowa, where Home Inspectors are not regulated (no licensing), you have to rely on the inspectors professional organizations membership requirements.  Membership in ASHI and/or NAHI needs to be your minimum requirement when asking, "Is my inspector qualified?".  

ASHI has the strictest membership requirements in the industry.  As an ASHI Certified Inspector I'm required to avoid conflicts of interest.  Not just disclose them. That's why I chose ASHI and why you should too.

You'll get a thorough inspection.  That means, I will get up on the roof.  I'll get into small crawl spaces and work my way around low ductwork.  I'll get into a cramped attic spaces and reach the remote areas.  You'll get a thorough and complete inspection job, potentially saving you lot of money and heart ache.

I want you with me during the inspection. It's understandable that you can't always be there.  Three hours is a lot of time out of your day.  Heck, you may even live out of town.  But given the opportunity, I want to teach you how your house works and how you'll need to maintain it.  I want to show you the problems, and again, how they should be addressed. That way, during your final walk-through, you can check it and know if it was done the way I said it should be.  I'm even more than happy to attend the walk-through with you.

I've collected a lot of fancy tools over the years to help me diagnose things. Moisture detection meters, electrical diagnostic tools, gas leak detectors, etc. We'll know if that water-stained ceiling is a current leak or just an old one needing paint.

You'll like my pricing.  It's fair and reasonable. I'm not the cheapest inspector in the area.  If your price shopping, you probably will not be calling us.  That's too bad, because it would be uncommon for the cheapest inspector to save you the most money.  Typically the cheapest inspector would have the least amount of experience and education.  They probably don't inspect full-time and they probably will not be in the business a year or two from now.  That $25-$50 savings will probably cost you $1000's. 

If you're going to need radon testing and in southeastern MN you will, I can take care of that for you at the same time.

Finally, about the only people who may not like such a thorough inspection would be the homes owner and possibly the real estate agents involved. That's because I'm not a member of "The Sales Team".  I'm an Independent inspector, I don't do repairs, and I don't strike deals with those who do.  

I'm working for you... and only you.

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We are committed to give property buyers and owners a clear, honest, and un-biased assessment of their property.  We will take every possible step to avoid conflicts of interest, and maintain a "firewall" between your inspector and the real estate, insurance and contracting companies involved in your transaction.  We will earn our clients trust by educating them and through honest and accurate reporting.