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Owning property is the primary objective of a real estate investor who seeks to maximize their profits. As an investor, you're most likely purchasing one to two properties at a time and your risk is at an all time high. Think about it, you have to make sure the deal goes through successfully and the fear of loss could be a major disappointment.  Are you a member of a wholesale club like Sam's, Costco's or BJ's? Do you get more for your dollar? The truth is, you save a lot of money when you buy in bulk. In joining these clubs, what type of return are you getting from your purchases? Are you in the business of running a restaurant or are you in the business of owning a small sub shop or convenience store? Then these type of purchases are profitable because you can resell at retail value. For the average consumer, these investments wouldn't apply. You buy and stock up for your home but what return did you receive on your purchase? Nothing.  

PRM Investment Group, LLC is your Private Real Estate & Asset Management Firm that works like a Sam's, Costco's or BJ's of the real estate industry. We are not real estate agents or have any affiliation to real estate agents, lenders or brokers. However, we are a buyers brokerage firm and we do what other real estate agents, lenders or brokers don't do. Reduce risk, minimize time and maximize profits. If you are in the business to make money and gain maximum return on your investments, then you've come to the right company.


Being apart of PRM Investment Group, LLC, we do exactly what we say we do, make you money. We are a full service REO Buyers Agent that works on the behalf of the investor/buyer to find the best deals on multiple properties. We specialize in residential, commercial and multi family properties. We are a nationwide REO Firm directly connected to the banks and asset management firms to provide buyers the best deals on the planet. Our services are not limited too, but also include:

Self Directed Equity Options Private/Offshore Banking Private Equity Title Services, Title Deed Transfers, Recording, Settlement/Closing Commercial Real Estate Escrow Coordinations Appraisal Services Default Property/Preservation Private Placement/Project Funding Programs Bundle Services

Example: You can buy a single property in a ball park price of $150,000 or you can get 10 to 15 wholesale bulk properties in the ball park price of $150,000. 

The difference is, law of averages state that one or more properties if not all would generate income. Might I add, your risk has been reduced more ways than you can imagine. As an investor, your goal is to strategize and size your competition to generate wealth on your investments and our goal is to see it through.  

As a private firm, the niche of our business is to make the impossible possible. With us representing you as the buyer, we make sure your discounts are an average  of 35 to 70% below market value. With so many foreclosures at an all time high, we can packaged properties or portfolios that fit your criteria lower than market value giving you the opportunity to produce income at ultimate levels diminishing your competition by far. As your Buyers Agent/Representative, we provide accelerated retirement planning,  tax defer options, private banking solutions with asset protection plans, proof of funds/verification of deposits and our introductory Private Placement & Project Funding Programs. Our private engagement for serious investors that seek to gain maximum returns on their investments with roll over options. To find out more about our Private Placement/Project Funding Program, contact us for details.


Wholesale REO Specialist & Asset Management Provider.