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SuperJumboLoans.info was created as a platform to service high net worth borrowers with a variety of jumbo mortgage loan products and options.

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I would like to introduce you to Private Client Services, LLC, a division of Harbour Equity Partners, which is a platform to service high net worth clients with a variety of finance options. Private Client Services is a marketer, which in other words is a lead provider for a relationship manager in a top tier investment bank. The Banker also happens to own Private Client Services, LLC. and the hedge fund associated to Harbour Equity Partners. The products that we discuss here are structured around a borrowers profile so there is no conventional approach to our products. The Niche products are designed for High Net Worth clients that don’t fit for conventional banking in regards to income, credit, value or collateral. The products we will discuss are exclusively Private Banking related, which has much more latitude and flexibility when it comes to financing today’s High Net worth client.

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As a realtor you need the best tools available to help you close the deal. With the credit market issues this means your prospects will have challenges in finding a loan for their future home. Our Private Banking program is geared toward catering to the complex financial needs of our high net worth clientele. We provide an unsurpassed level of service and response to meet the goals of our borrowers and the realtors that provide those clients.

The borrowers overall financial profile is reviewed using credit, collateral and asset in various combinations to produce creative approaches in meeting those financial goals. We would like to see the following items to determine the credit risk of each file.


With Credit, 1003/1008, appraisal, income & assets, we can issue and approval in hours for some full doc borrowers, and we will assist in gathering the information needed to help the stated and self employed borrowers.

We have the ability to provide a loan as full doc or SIVA depending on the overall assets of the borrower, we will under write using compensating factors, that is if the borrower is weak in one area such as credit we can compensate for that with another items such as additional collateral or assets. 

Program guidelines:

Minimum loan amount $750,000 to 25,000,000 Plus we can go lower with exception

Standard guideline: Loans from $750,000 to $3,000,000 /Credit scores 620 & up / LTVs for 60-90% / and we would like to see 12 months plus in PITI reserves plus for full doc loans. For stated we would need 30% of the loan amount to meet our guidelines. All programs have exceptions in the event that your borrower does not meet the full requirements. For loan amounts over 3 million we will underwrite with compensating factors, example being additional collateral or reserves. We will also require two of our appraisals for loans over 3 Million supporting value prior to closing. We do require appraisals from our nation wide inspectors, if you do not have an appraisal allow us to order it so as not to incur more cost to the borrower.Our approval will generate several program terms for the borrower to chose, generally 30yr fixed, 15 yr fixed, and several arm products which are all at par pricing.



The Process:

The process we have in place is designed for success and is very straight forward.

When a Realtor submits a deal to their account rep, we will start the process by reviewing the application and borrower information. You will be notified when we intend to interview the borrower and at that point we will have a processor and underwriter that will deal directly with the borrower all the way to closing. Your contacts will be limited to your account rep and the broker update system which can be emailed for updates on your files at info@superjumboloans.info  Brokers are not permitted to deal with processing or underwriting. Conditions and appraisals are completed and reviewed by our staff, finally the fee package will be issued to the borrower with with escrow instructions and we are ready to close.

Please feel free to contact us to see how your client can fit into the private banking model info@superjumboloans.info