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Marilyn Curtis
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Get to Know Marilyn Curtis

We're a female owned business.  Being a woman I thought would cause me problems in this type of business but it really has worked to my advantage. I love the look I get from customers when I walk in the door to give them an estimate.  They start asking questions, once they figure out that I will more than likely be one of their installers they love the idea that a woman can do this kind of work. It seems to make the customers more comfortable having a woman working on their project.  I tell them I can do whatever you want done, but you must be sure this is what you want, because you're the one that has to live with it not me.  I also try to tell them what will or would be the most cost effective way to get the job done.


We've rehabbed houses from the mid 1800's.  I love to do these projects as long as I get to leave some of the Victorian style in the houses but yet make it modern.  These houses always need insulation blown in.  Some customers want to leave the old lathe walls so I've came up with a way to cover the cracks that these walls always have without taking out the walls and drywalling.  When we rehab a kitchen or bath we always ask the customer to concided the cost verses how long they have to stay in the house to recoup their money.  We do custom back splashes and flooring work.  We do alot of custom tiled showers and bathrooms.


We're a rehab company that can do everything and we also have a contract with Lowes to do flooring. We have worked with alot of older houses with all lathe walls.