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Get to Know Faina Sechzer

Why should you consider me to be your real estate agent in Princeton ? Because I provide my clients with the kind of service I wanted to receive when I was a client myself. As a client I wanted an agent who understood my needs, had the required knowledge and marketing skills, someone I trusted, knowing that that they will put my interests before theirs. I also wanted someone who had the time for me - to inform, listen, guide, present options, and just hold my hand through rough patches in the process of selling or buying. In short, I wanted an agent with expertise, trust, and dedicated time. This is what brought me to real estate:I resolved to be this kind of agent. I left my career in management consulting, received my license, and now practice what I preach.

I believe marketing knowledge, integrity, dedication to be essential for a good real estate agent, but did you ever meet an agent who said they were not an expert, were untrustworthy and did not have time for you because they have too many listings and buyers and there is only so much time in a day? Of course, not. So I will not write about my integrity, dedication and knowledge - I would like for you to see it for yourself first hand. Let's get to know each other better: please call me, read my blog and check out my web-site.

Since you may still expect to see a resume, here are few highlights of mine:

                 -100% success rate -I sold all my listings and found homes for all my buyers;

                 - 25 years professional marketing

                  - Senior Principal for several large management consulting firms

                  - Corporate Technology Manager

                  - Certified Interior Decorator 

                  - MS Electrical Engineering

I love Princeton and have lived here for many years with my wonderful husband and two teenage boys- also wonderful and a handful. I was born in the Far East, grew up in Europe and came to US as a young woman. In my spare time I love reading - it is my escape, release and the best therapy. I love travel and have visited many places in the world both for work and fun. I walk 5 miles every morning (OK... it's almost every morning and almost 5 miles). I love to dance, but don't do it as often as I would've liked. 



I work with both buyers and sellers in the greater Princeton, NJ area including Hopewell, Montgomery, West Windsor, Lawrenceville, Pennington, Ewing and South Brunswick.

One of the big differences of my practice is that I limit the number of clients I have - to give each one the time they deserve. This  type of practice does not get me to the top producers clubs. What it does, it gets my listings the focus needed to sell them for the best price. To my buyers it gives all the time they need to find the right home without pressure. 

Here are some other ways my clients benefit:

Broadest Internet exposure. Consumers start their search on the Internet and most brokerages and agents have web-sites, use MLS and Realtor.com. But this alone is not enough. Let me show you how your home will be seen by the largest pool of most likely buyers and stand out from the competing properties. 

Staging for all homes. I provide staging as part of my service without additional fees. My clients' homes sell in large measure due to staging. In the age of Internet exposure and the short attention span of prospective buyers, special talent and skill is needed to make homes appealing and desirable for the pictures on the Internet and differently but as important for the prospective buyers showings. My expertize as an Interior Decorator gives my clients the needed advantage.

Professional Photography. Pictures of your home are what potential buyers see first and could be what makes them decide to see your home or not. My experience proves -your home needs professional photography. No matter how good we think we agents are as photographers - we are still amateurs. Let me show you the kind of photography needed to attract prospective buyers. Your home deserves it.

Latest marketing techniques.  I spend a great many hours learning new marketing strategies, techniques and tools to give your home an extra edge and make it stand out in the crowded market. Technology and market change daily - you need the best available to beat the competition.

Home Presentation. All the Internet exposure notwithstanding, it is imperative that local area agents know why and how your home is better than others. I do it by in-person presentation  of your home to major local brokers. Is it time-consuming? Yes. Does it work? For sure. MLS listing alone, no matter how well-presented, will not do that.


Princeton NJ real estate expert, bringing 25 years of marketing know-how to make my clients' selling and buying a positive experience.