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Professional Real Estate Photography at very competitive prices.

Highly trained and experienced photographer now in Lake and Mendocino Counties. I offer the highest quality Digital Photography available at competitive prices. I use only the highest resolutions for the best quality. My cameras and photography equipment are of the highest quality and pixel ranges exceding the average photographers available anywhere.   for our web site and other changes, I am protecting the privacy of our clients but will be happy to send you examples. My new web site is now under development but will list a large array of photography and digital imaging soon.  I also offer same day and 24 hour service and special rates and discounts off of competitive prices.  Something to remember, most agents claim they will only always use a professional real estate photographer after noticing the huge difference in higher sales and even prices at closing by anxious buyers. Be sure to inquire with your tax company to find out about tax deductions for owners and agents who use only the finest real estate photographers.

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Phillip Anderson
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I competed a 4 year program for certification in advanced web design, development and Internet Marketing. I also earned my majors, degrees and certifications in computer science. I'm highly trained, educated in advanced Flash for 3D virtual tours, advanced objest oriented programming, development, Photoshop, java. C++, and too many other forms of programming to list here. I also create high level , advanced web design techniques that show the quality and expertise in your web site and business. I offer only the very highest quality digital imaging techniques that will show everyone that your company and clients are of the most highly sought after real estate companies anywhere. I can also wliminate unsitely trees, telephone poles, and most any other object from photos while only adding an even higher level of quality to the photos. For the web, magazines, printers or any other type of editing in any format. I also create high level presentations for meetings, web sites and all other forms of multimedia, movies with sound and other effects and much more including advanced web site design for those who need a web site. I can also replace existing web site, and offer a wide array of custom templates, and offer advanced database design for real estate photos, e-commerce solutions for most other products.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime for questions.

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Phil Anderson


Professional Real Estate Photography, advanced photo editing, web design and graphics presentations including virtual tours of the highest quality in Lake and Mendocino Counties.