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Get to Know Pheasant Run CNH Homes

1. Competitive Pricing: Compare prices of existing homes to thos of comparably-sized new home! Southern California is home to hundreds of homebuilders, both big and small, who are competing for you business. When builders compete, you benefit. And most home owners looking to sell their homes cannot offer the incentives or attractive financing options builders can to move their inventory.                                                                                                                                                                      

2. Choices: When shopping among existing homes, buyers to take the previous owners' style into consideration. Do you pay even more to redecorate or do you make do with someone else's choices? A new home, however, provides you with numerous design, color and material options. Having the luxury to tailor a home to your tastes can be one of the greatest features of buying a new home.                                                                                                                                                                               

3. New Home Warranties: New home buyers are assured at least a one-year warranty on the home itself and, in many cases, five years on major appliances. And in California, homebuilders are requires to guarantee the structure of a home for a full 10 years! That means new home buyers are assured quality construction in their new homes! There's no second-guessing the work a previous owner might have done (or not done!).                                                                                                    

4. Home Location: Location, location, location. Not only do new home buyers get to choose which beautiful new home community they want to live in, the also get to select their individual unit or home site within that community. Would you prefer your bedroom get morning sun or afternoon sun? Would you prefer to live near the part or on a cul-de-sac?

5. Convenient Financing: In today's market, securing financing for home ownership can be tedious and stressful. Many builders have simplified this processing order to provide you the best deal possible the gets you into you new quickly and easily. And in a buyer's market, some builders are willing to pay additional costs.

6. Low Maintenance: Why worry about upgrading or constantly maintain your home if you don't have to? New homebuilders use the latest and greatest materials that technology can offer. The result? New homes are virtually maintenance-free for many yeas.

7. Floor Plans: Never thought about the convenience of modern floor plans? Take a tour of many existing homes and you will find bad layouts and wasted or unusable space. New home buyers, however, have a variety of modern layouts and styles to choose from that are suitable to any family. Many builders allow a variety of custom option allowing you to alter the layout and turn a living room into an office or a media nook into another bedroom.

8. Energy Efficiency: New homebuilders are required by law to meet stricter energy codes than in the past, which benefits YOU, the consumer. This is an enormous cost-saving benefit when considering the costs of fuel and energy today. Many existing homes were built when energy codes were either more lenient or nonexisting.

9. Modern Appliances: Appliance manufactures introduce new models every year and homebuilders are able to offer the latest state-of-the-art equipment at the time of completing a new home. And, because the homebuilder buys for the entire production of new home, the purchasing power often reduces the buyers' costs.

10. Appreciation: The typical home needs remodeling after 25-30 years. Since new home have an assured longer life, appraisals are generally higher than on comparable existing homes. That means new homes will likely sell for a higher value in the future.


We are a new community in heart of San Jacinto. We have 8 beautiful floor plans consisting of 5 one story and 3 two story homes starting in the $200’000’s. Our lot sizes range from 7200 to 15k.