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Do you receive monthly payments secured by real estate?  If so, you may have a golden opportunity before you!  The payments from your Land Contract, Trust Deed, or Contract for Deed represent a source of residual income as well as a lump sum funding opportunity with many possibilities.  Rather than waiting a number of years to receive those payments, did you know you can sell the incoming payments from your private real estate note for lump sum cash?  That's right!  The future payments you are scheduled to receive can be paid out to you in the form of a discounted lump sum! 

Why would someone want to sell their incoming payments from a Land Contract, Trust Deed, or Contract for Deed?  There are actually many possible reasons!  A lump sum of cash represents opportunity!  What would YOU do if you had a large sum of cash?  Some people have chosen to pay off debt or invest their lump sum.  Making a down payment on a house, paying medical bills, and paying legal obligations may be other reasons to sell your real estate note.  The choice is yours! 

If selling your real estate note payments is an option you would like to pursue, my priority is to listen and gather information specific to your situation and present you with the best possible quote.  If you need a specific amount of money, you may be able to acquire that by selling only a portion of future incoming payments rather than all remaining payments.  Getting you the money you need is my top priority!


When you collect payments from a private real estate note, the legal document is widely referred to as a "Seller Financed Mortgage" but may also be known as the following: Land Contract Trust Deed Contract for Deed Owner Financed Mortgage Seller Carryback Each of these legal documents serve as security - stating that the buyer of the property promises to pay the seller based on the terms of the note.  Furthermore, the real estate note may be secured by the following types of property: Single Family Residence Duplex/Four-Plex Condo/Townhome Mobile Home (with land) Land only Land with improvements (includes utilities) Commercial Property In addition to selling your real estate notes, you can receive lump sum cash by selling incoming payments from these privately held cash flows as well: Annuities Business Notes Lottery Winnings Structured Settlements   Pension Income (military, civil service, and corporate)

The following are general guidelines for the purchase of each type of cash flow:

Business Notes

Minimum funding amount: $20,000 Maximum funding amount: case by case (usually $250,000) Personal guarantee by payer and good credit Minimum of three (3) months seasoning

Lottery Winnings

Minimum funding amount: $100,000 Maximum funding amount: None Some states require a court order Some states do not allow assignment of a lottery winning

Seller-Financed Real Estate Notes

Minimum funding amount: $20,000 Maximum funding amount: $500,000+ No maximum for commercial notes First-position notes are ideal, but second-position and delinquent notes are also considered.

An underlying balance should not deter you from attempting to sell your owner-financed real estate note.  If you are still making payments on the property you have sold with seller-financing, you may still be able to sell your private real estate note for lump sum cash!  In this scenario, your underlying balance will be paid off during the process of purchasing the seller-financed note.

Structured Settlements/Annuities

Minimum funding amount: $20,000 Maximum funding amount: None All transactions require a court order No workers' compensation settlements, retirement plans, disabilities, judgments, divorce settlements, social security payments, or IRAs

Pension Income

Requires a history of good credit Must be a homeowner or renter in good standing Proof of a recent pension payment statement is required Typically a payment stream of 96 months (8 years) is purchased An insurance policy equal to the payment stream sold is required A discount of 13% - 19% is applied to the stream of payments sold

Seller-held real estate notes, business notes, and other income streams have lump sum cash value! How much could you get by selling YOUR note payments? Call today for your FREE no-obligation quote!