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Peter Lindquist, SVP of Mortgage Lending (Guaranteed Rate NMLS #2611) Mortgage and Lending



Peter Lindquist
SVP of Mortgage Lending
location_on Woodbury, MN — Guaranteed Rate NMLS #2611
NMLS ID # 389212
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Are you looking for a mortgage loan in Minneapolis, MN?  It has never been more important to plan your mortgage with an experienced professional than it is today.  With the tumultuous real estate market of the recent past, if you are planning on getting a home loan for buying a home or refinancing an existing one, choose a professional who can help you plan your best move into the future.

As a Minnesota mortgage professional, I have helped over 2,100 Minnesotans with their home financing needs.  Since I take the "customer for life" approach, I try to ensure a mortgage application experience filled with trust.  My goal is to help you determine the best product available to fit your financial goals well into the future.

All of my experience is based in prime mortgage lending with a emphasis in FHA mortgages in Minnesota.  I have served hundreds of first time home buyers with FHA, VA, and Minnesota Housing Financing Agency (MHFA) first-time home buyer loans in Minnesota (MN). 

While I began my career in Minnesota real estate as a real estate agent in the late '80s, I became a mortgage professional in 1991.  My specialty in financing quickly became FHA loans in Minnesota because of my affinity with so many first-time homebuyers.




Minnesota FHA Loans | Minnesota First Time Buyers

The focus of my career has always been to serve the Minnesota First Time Buyer.  With a customer for life philosophy, I am always proud to have helped buyers who moved on from their first home into building their dream home, or with investing in their Minnesota cabin or investment property.  As a mortgage lender licensed in Minnesota, I have helped homeowners with their vacation homes in Duluth, Brainerd, Ely, and more.  No matter where the home is in Minnesota that you plan to purchase, I am eager to be of service.

I have served on committees to improve FHA lending for the Minnesota first time homebuyer experience in two major banks because of my focus on FHA loans in Minnesota.  As a mortgage program, FHA loans are ever evolving and lenders struggle to maintain a balance between customer service and the detailed guidelines that FHA loans in Minnesota brings.

Having served hundreds of Minnesota residents with FHA loans, I have a unique ability to help lenders with developing their policies towards serving the first time home buyer.

My expertise also extends into helping borrowers with creative solutions to their home financing needs.  I have helped numerous home buyers obtain mortgage financing who have been denied by other Minnesota mortgage lenders.  While all loans must contain evidence of the ability to repay the mortgage debt, sometimes simple changes in a borrower's financial situation can enable them to finance a home today or in the near future.