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Perfection Inspection, Inc. is located in Salem, Oregon metro area and is one of very few home inspection companies in the US that performs home inspections with the benefit of thermal imaging.  Full visual inspections over all the major systems and components of the home teamed with a full infrared scans can uncover issues other inspectors just can't see.  Moisture, structure, insulation, electrical hot spots, etc... can all be located using one of the most advanced thermal cameras in existence.


Perfection Inspection, Inc. specializes in full service, residential home inspections in Salem, Oregon.  Full visual inspections over all of the major systems and components of the home from the roof to the foundation supplemented with a battery of state of the art diagnostic tools. 

Most significant is the thermal imaging/infrared camera employed on every inspection.  The camera can actually see slight differences in temperature in the home.  This allows us to see if the walls are insulated, areas of missing insulation, electrical "hotspots," and what the structure looks like.  It also allows us to pinpoint areas of moisture/leakage or mold that other inspectors just can't detect.

There is no such thing as a perfect home.  Homes, just like automobiles have systems and components that wear and require maintenance.  Even a new home will have issues, even if the issues are not an immediate concern, inspectors can educate you on areas that may need more attention in the future.  A home inspector is your private consultant on the good things and potential issues within your new home.  Plan to attend the inspection from beginning to end.  This will ensure that you can see with your own eyes things the inspector may mention.  Attending the inspection will allow you to discuss the noted issues and this will drastically improve your knowledge of your new home.

First time buyers have the most to learn.  Having general knowledge on how your home works can save you money.  The furnace filter is crucial in the performance of the heating system.  Knowing where it is and how often it needs to be changed will protect your furnace from premature breakdowns.   The plumbing, electrical, structure, roofing ext... all have maintenance items (most very minor) you can do to help protect your investment.

The inspection report itself is also very important.  If it is difficult to read it will not be of much use.  When I bought my first home I was not an inspector.  I knew that I was relatively ‘handy,' however I knew that I had very little idea how the electrical or plumbing or heating systems worked.  The inspector that I hired spent around 45 minutes in my home (average time should be around 3 hours).  He said maybe a dozen words to me in those 45 minutes, even though I followed him around and asked questions the whole time.  He neglected to mention some major things in the electrical, heating and plumbing and I spoke very negatively about home inspectors until I went through the training.  Even now when I look at his report I get confused.  The report should be an easy to read and understand summary of your new home.  It should have pictures of the items that need attention and it should give maintenance ideas for the future.  You should be able to look at the report and understand what the inspector was suggesting.  The terrible inspection that I paid for years ago, reminds me to produce inspections and reports that people who may not be technically inclined can read and find interesting.

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