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For many years now, I have been working towards my goal of creating a way for REALTOR®s and other Real Estate professionals to collaborate. A way for like minded individuals to share the techniques and practices that have made them successful with other professionals in the Real Estate community.

I have met with some resistance from people who tell me that Real Estate agents won’t share their ‘secrets’ with others.

I strongly disagree! In the time that I sold Real Estate actively, I found that the most successful agents were always willing to share. They are successful because they have a genuine attitude of abundance! They believe that there is more than enough business for everyone and that success breeds success.

The agents who would try to keep their ‘secrets’ were stuck in a place of ‘lack’. They believe that another agent’s success takes away from them. Not true!

Let’s face it, there are no secrets. There is nothing that anyone is doing that is truly original. We just need to find the right blend of techniques that works for us individually! More importantly, we need to ‘just do it’!

But sometimes we need a fresh perspective, a new twist. That is where we can all help each other out. The entire Real Estate industry benefits from each of us getting better, each of us improving personally and professionally.

My website, will be dedicated to that goal.  As with anything new, we need to start somewhere (walk before we run). I hope that the forward thinking members of activerain will be open to this type of sharing.

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We are currently in the development stage and looking for partners who are interested in building a dynamic online presence for REALTOR(S) and brokers to share in each other's successes, market their businesses, and elevate the Real Estate profession to a higher level.

Individuals and businesses with a high level of technical skill are encouraged to contact us at


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