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Buying a home is the largest investment most people will make in a lifetime.  They need a specialist in financing because there are literally thousands of loan programs available.  It's more than just qualifying for a loan; it's knowing the clients goals for today, tomorrow and the future in order to select the right loan program.   Many people spend months searching for their dream home only to end up with a mortgage that does not meet their needs or costs them thousands of dollars perhaps even their home.  The wrong mortgage consumes equity.  My job as a specialist in financing is to assist the client in choosing the mortgage that fits their needs and allows them to  build wealth.   Owning a home is the American dream, I don't want their mortgage to become their nightmare. 

My clients become my friends and I their trusted advisor because I am interested in them.  I see proper mortgaging as a financial tool to build wealth and acquire financial freedom.  Creating wealth through homeownership is available to every home owner; many consume the equity rather than invest for their future because of bad advice.  

An important part of my relationship with my client is education on sound financial investing through the use of home equity; it's tax deductible and is a source of non-taxable income.  I look at the entire financial picture, taking into account their dreams, because dreams can and do come true through proper mortgaging.   

My goal for each of my clients is to put them in a stronger financial position through proper mortgaging.  The reward is not just for the client to me it's knowing I have served a friend well.


Financing commercial and residential properties are my areas of expertise.   There really is very little difference; the important part is knowing your product.  I pride myself on staying informed in both arenas by attending every seminar and workshop that is available to me.  Many lenders give these seminars to educate the loan officer about their products.  I have taken the time to become educated and it has paid off.   It's actually easier to qualify a commercial loan than a residential loan.  I generally know by the first few minutes exactly what can be done when I am speaking with the property owner.  

Because I am a specialist in financing it really isn't important whether the person is a first time home buyer or refinancing; dollar amount is irrelevant - I know the products available in the industry and I know the lenders.  Knowing a lenders niche allows me to cater to a diverse client base; education keeps me on the cutting edge of the industry.

My specialty is proper mortgaging, that's all I do.  If you need a loan or want a loan on commercial or residential property you need a person who spends each and every day in the industry seeking out the best programs and rates for their clients.  Financing is a specialty.  I don't deal with one bank I currently represent 157 but if I have a client who needs something that my current lenders don't offer I go back into the market and find a new lender.