Patrick "Bart"  Bartelme (Home In One)

Commercial Loan Specialist for $2 million and up. Hotels, Office, Apartments, Manufacturing. I have funds from all over the world. Insurance Co., Investment Firms, Banks, Unlimited

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 Home In One mostly specializes in residential mortgages, I have taken on the responsibilty of the commercial area because of my past experience and my connections from the past and future customers.

 I have been in the financial service industry since 1986 and took my first loan application in 1988 and that was with a bank that was already working with the secondary maket exclusively. As much as things have changed, they still go back to my first application. Take care of the customer, and make it as easy as possible for all parties involved. This has and always will be my philosophy.

We do cover all parts of of the lower 48 states. I look forward to doing business with you as soon as possible


Patrick "Bart" Bartelme


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