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We buy and sell homes. We have a team that consists of valuators, spotters, bidders, legal dept, etc. Our goal is to be buying 4-5 homes a month by the end of 2010. Our motto is buy low sell low. We currently have 11 projects going, with 14 completed projects in 2009. We love what we do, have a combined 38 years of Real Estate experience, our team consists of 2 brokers, 2 agents, an appraiser, and myself, the VP. We have a bullet proof system from A-Z, from finding the most accurate lists, to bidding stradegies, to ultimately listing and selling the homes. Our average home is on the market for 14 days before going into escrow, and we typically have multiple offers as the listing company we work with has an aggresive new age marketing stradegy utilizing print advertisement, the internet, bright signs with color flyers, open houses, etc to maximize the amount of agents and buyers looking at our properties. We pride ourselves in having the backend structure down as well, and we feel we are well versed in all areas of buying and selling real estate in todays market.


The areas we outperform others in is our negotiation skills. Often times we are not the highest offer on a property, but we still win out due to our offer presentation skills, terms, and our relationships with the banks. Once we set a target price we do not exceed that. Often times we will get outbid only to have the property fall out of escrow and back into our laps. We don't compromise our business model just to get more volume, we only pick quality safe projects.


We buy & flip homes all throughout California. We do not simply stick to one method, we utilize bank contacts, agents, auctions, trustee sales, etc.