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Current information for the Owasso and Claremore real estate markets including homes, duplexes, commercial activity, and economic trends for the area. Real estate for the Tulsa metroplex.

Get to know Mick and Ryan Corbin

You have many choices so Why choose me? Why my team? 25 years personal experience for one......full time. If you've ever had a negative experience with a real estate person or lender, there's a reason.  Like any profession, an experienced person simply is more aware of the pitfalls that YOU are likely to encounter.  We try hard to reduce the those negative experiences.  An "About me" overview can be seen at my principle website www.MickCorbin.com.

 A second reason for choosing us is this:  Ask your real estate person if they do lease purchases or lease options, or exchanges, or income investments, equity sharing, or  consulting. Most do not because they just don't have the experience yet.  And the truth is that most real estate persons hate any type of real estate that has the word "lease" in it.   We try to cover areas that aren't always popular, however we don't claim to know everything.  Our best teachers continue to be you. We learn something new everytime we complete a real estate task, even the basics........listing and selling.   Our repeat and referral business doesn't come to us by accident.   We've worked hard over the years to gain your trust.  Put us to the test.   Tell us what you're trying to accomplish.  Let's see if we can work together for a solution to all your real estate questions and concerns.

If you are a real estate person who needs some assistance, or if you are not satisfied the direction your career is taking, call me. Call from any state. 


Residential sales, listings, leasing, exchanging, and group packaging.  This includes single family homes, duplexes, multifamily dwellings, and subleasing.  Land for lots, for development, or for commercial application.  We also assist in income producing commercial properties but not industrial.
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