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Ocean Home magazine puts the luxurious lifestyle of oceanfront living into the palms of your hands. From high-end developments in the Caribbean to private beachfront estates in Molokai, Ocean Home magazine not only unveils the dream homes of the world's wealthiest real estate investors, but also reveals the best travel destinations, the top designs for your ocean home inside and out, and interviews the key players in the next generation of luxury ocean front living.

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Preferred Real Estate Partners

Oceanhomemag.com, in conjunction with Ocean Home magazine, brings together buyers and sellers of luxury oceanfront real estate and assist exclusive real estate specialists in networking with other leading professionals. Our Preferred Real Estate Partners program offers a unique membership opportunity for the world’s most prominent oceanfront real estate experts. 

Memberships are defined by exclusive territories and are offered to real estate agents around the globe to promote themselves and their finest listings on oceanhomemag.com.To ensure online market saturation, distribution channels for the website are strategically planned to ensure the best market contacts for our agent networks. For their respective market area, each member agrees to contribute an email list of qualified individuals to whom the communications within the network are sent.

Oceanhomemag.com is the only website offering exclusive representation of territory. While qualified buyers are searching our site for oceanfront properties in a geographic location, only your information and listings will be placed strategically before them. Professional Agents Only The Exclusive Agent section of oceanhomemag.com is for qualified real estate agents only. Community members are not allowed to advertise their own homes personally. All listings must be provided by qualified agents and supplied images must be approved by the current homeowners before oceanhomemag.com web staff posts to the site.

For more about this program, please inquire with an Ocean Home magazine Sales Representative or email: info@rmsmg.com for a complete media kit on the program.


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