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Welcome to your one-stop source for Real Estate services covering the Westchester counties  and Bronx counties areas in New York (USA). Real Estate is one of the most exciting investments one can make, and it should be a fun and rewarding experience. Distressed Property Specialist-Providing solutions and Foreclosure alternatives to Distressed Homeowners. It is my goal to provide you with superior service at all times, so please tell me more about you!


!!!Extrodinaire Realestate Agent!!!


A little about me I was born and raised on City Island. City Island is an Island about 1.5 miles between Lower Westchester County (Pelham, NY USA) and the (Bronx County, NY USA). Over centuries ago I heard City Island was part of Pelham, Ny a part of lower westchester, Ny USA. They have a saying on City Island for people who were born on City Island are called “Clam Diggers”) and those who move there are called “Muscle Suckers”. I also I’m an animal lover all the pets I had mainly dogs I had, I found or got at a shelter. I like to Travel in my leisure time, lol…Most importantly I love Real Estate. Love being creative enough when there is a troubled/hard deal. I believe you always can get anything done if you our creative along with your knowledge and skills to get the deal solved. (sometimes it takes all parties in the transaction to communicate & contribute).


As a result of his acknowledged work ethic, extensive experience, and market knowledge, Joseph is consistently sought out by local agents as well as by out-of-area agents representing an assortment of buyers & sellers in NY. Joseph has been cultivating his strong Sphere of Influence, Client’s and new client’s that he comes across. With his Reputation & Experience for 10 plus years he is ready…

Joseph began his residential real estate career in 2001 and remains dedicated to serving the members of the New York Area (USA), mainly Lower Westchester, NY (USA) and the Bronx, NY (USA) surrounding areas. I choose certain area’s I’m familiar with so I can help you out the most and get the job done! I can Refer you either selling a property or buying a property anywhere in the world I may refer out to an associate of mine an area if I’m not comfortable and feel I can’t give you top notch service. I believe in service and the knowledge of an area. In the past 10 plus years I LEARNED and KNOW what gets the job done. An agent that KNOWS the area or even it could be a little nook in an area has the right answers to show you right away versus someone who has to get the answers and spend more time. That is what gets you ahead of the game substantially and most likely what you want……again with working this way there is no guarantee but you are a ahead of the other property people and that is my job either way I choose to take it on myself or refer to someone just as knowledgeable as me and get you that Property you want! VERRY VERRY Important….You MUST BE  Bank-Approved today. If it’s a cash deal just a proof of funds by the bank is sufficient enough. We will double check all the numbers to make sure you are comfortable with you monthly payment. I say again the banks if we are applying for a mortgage today are delaying the process (that’s where I come in to help you as much as possible to make sure you have all documents needed for the bank. Please believe me in today’s Market the banks may still delay us but we do the best we can by me asking you to supply all documents as soon as possible and both of us following up with the bank. Action step 1. is getting the bank-approval is the first step. Step 2 is the easy part (finding the property), especially with technology today between both me and you there are tons of websites I can sign you up for and tell you about, even is you drive by a home or see something on line you can just send it to me via email or give me a call and I will check to see the status of this property is it already in a Pending state to Close, etc….


Joseph is continually among those at the pinnacle of production in real estate sales, and has been honored with numerous awards for his hard work and dedication. He also keeps up to date with seminars and the economy. There is one thing I ask from you…please be serious when selling or buying and again I can almost promise you will end up a Winner whether Buying or Selling.


My last words this may be a lot your reading but the Market changed and if you want that property these are the basic steps you need to take. If you read everything and you believe in what you’re reading I believe in what I wrote we will reach that “GOAL” your new property!!!


P.S. I look forward to our working together!!!!


Joseph V. Ainis


Serving Westchester & Bronx Counties in New York. Residential and Commercial/Investment Properties. Short Sale Specialist.