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Owned a bagel restaurant chain - crashed with market shift when FAD CARB diet hit Daytraded stocks online after internet became hot - crashed like all other daytraders Discovered SEO in tent in Iraq - REALLY!! Blackhawk helicopter pilot in the Army in a past life Special SEO formula discovery lead to large income (business related outcome of the Army story) Dominated internet marketing for over 6 years for TOP - very competitive - real estate marketing related terms, i.e. "remax business cards" Own top real estate print marketing & promotional tools company Note: I own this company NOT because I like printing, but because I like marketing.  Why do I tell you that?  Because It's always been about: working with your target audience to understand what they want sales funnel design traffic & lead generation branding market domination technology & adaptation note: this has been key in this business and is what I focus on.  I let others worry about printing.  Don't get me wrong, I ensure we deliver top quality products.  I just want you to know the success comes from the marketing. Developed marketing trainings for brokers, agents and real estate related professionals Multiple related businesses Personal: family, wife & 5 little girls & lot's of fun




If you want more leads to choose to do business with you then I can help.  The absolute best resource available to you is in eazyleadz.  It's a elite membership unlike any other.  Here's part of what's inside:

Free Premium business cards.  The same premium real estate business cards I sell on other sites at premium prices I give free to my eazyleadz Plus Members. LiveDesigns is our breakthrough technology design platform where you can watch our designers build your graphics through screen sharing technology.  Faster turnaround than anything out there.  Better communication and better designs.  Fun to watch. Print Advantage - "pennies on the dollar" promotional items from postcards to pens.  Whatever I can get my hands on I pass the savings on to you! FB Timeline for Agents - facebook graphics & training videos to simply learn how to effectively use fb to post real estate listings and capture leads.  We present a unique formula of find-capture-connect to find more leads, capture them into your community and connect/build relationships with them. Advanced Lead Trainings Tap into new lead sources that are difficult for your competition to find and tap into Easy self-branding to position yourself as the ONLY agent in town to do business with New strategies to develop client relationships & build trust when client’s tolerances are changing Create deep commitments with clients to keep them through the close Deliver "life changing " high impact value to your clients Generate positive responses in your leads that get them to take action Create roadmaps your clients will hook into and get involved Stand out by presenting your service as an irresistible offer that leads will jump on Sort through the tech noise & focus just on what works much more….. Real Estate Agent Boot Camp  Membership Training - 12 step by step video trainings & workbooks   Seminars & Events - contact to schedule Private Coaching - contact to schedule


It's my pleasure to work with you.  Feel free to let me know if I can help you get where you want to go!

I wish you success in your business!


Keep doing what everyone else is doing and you'll get the same results. Dare to be different. Take control of your marketing and get where you want to go.