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Nikitas Kouimanis is Mr Mortgage. He is a Nationally Ranked Loan Originator with 22 years of experience with great knowledge of all products in this industry. His goal has always been to make sure the loans he works on are the best fit for his clients. Nikitas has never and will never place a client in a program that does not fit their budget or lifestyle. Nikitas is dedicated to helping his clients achieve and maintain the American Dream of Homeownership. Nikitas takes great pride in dedication to client satisfaction. His commitment is to provide the highest quality service while working to help his clients achieve their financial objectives within the mortgage process. Nikitas is proud of his work that has made him the area's top loan originator of choice for so many working towards their long-term goals.


Nikitas is dedicated to the highest standards of ethics and responsiveness in its effort to meet the changing. He makes the experience count. He is personable, educated, skilled and experienced. He works hard to build rapid and courteous response; He and his staff will endeavor to offer swift, courteous and professional needs for their borrowers in a constantly shifting environment. Long-term relationships that result in repeat business and referrals. Service towards obtaining rapid approval. He will work around your schedule to implement what is in the client's best interest. Creative thinking, as each loan application is unique, Nikitas pays the utmost attention to his client’s needs, and offers options that are right for their situation at the most competitive rates and terms. He encourages communication and client feedback. Nikitas and his team of experts strive to educate their client’s on every step of the loan process. Nikitas constantly maintains qualitative edge by soliciting client interaction and implementing astute suggestions. Nikitas believes the loan process is a team effort. Careful attention to detail, our pledge is to prepare each loan with adequate and proper documentation; this is the key to a successful and smooth loan process. A pleasant experience, financing your home is a lifetime event. His commitment is to attend to your needs and render the process smooth and hassle-free. Nikitas believes the loan process should be an enjoyable ride.



CMPS Institute - February 2013 to Present


Earned one of the most respected certifications in the industry CMPS®                      Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist.


Continuing Education for CT, NY, & NJ on a yearly basis. 

1 Hour CT Safe CT State Law and Regulations 

1 Hour MA Safe MA State Law and Regulations 

4 NJ Hour State Law and Regulations 

Passed Safe Act and UST Federal Exams 

Passed NY State Exam 

Passed NJ State Exam

20 Hour Safe Comprehensive Fundamentals Of Mortgage Education

3 Hour NY State Law 

NAMB 24 instructional hours of residential mortgage lending

New York Certified Training Course / loan officer training 40 hours

Mortgage Training and Seminars


Ranked 122nd in the United States out of every loan officer in the country by National Mortgage News and Origination News.



With the countdown of the 2015 Top Producers rankings now complete, National Mortgage News and Origination News are pleased to publish the entire list of this year's best loan officers and brokers.

Originators who submitted data for this survey represent the entire spectrum of lender shops, from banks and credit unions to mortgage bankers and mortgage brokerages, and their titles range from loan officer all the way to company president. Many of these originators have survived and thrived despite the wild changes in the lending environment over the past eight years, and if they want to continue to do so they will have to weather more upheaval in 2015.

The 2015 Top Producers are also featured in a special section of the April 27 print edition of National Mortgage News. Plus, additional upcoming features will provide an inside look into the careers and expertise of this year's Top Producers, offering readers first-hand insights into what it takes to be a leading mortgage industry professional.

The results of the Origination News2015 Top Producers survey reflect a year of transition for mortgage originations, with volume for many declining on a year-over-year basis.

There were just three mortgage originators whose personal production in 2014 topped $200 million, down from six for 2013, reflecting the slower overall origination market.

As a whole, mortgage industry volume declined to $1.1 trillion in 2014 from $1.8 trillion the year before, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association. The share of refinancing’s fell to 43% from 60% the year prior. Many originators anticipated that. However, an expected increase in purchase volume that was supposed to offset it failed to materialize, further challenging originators.

The decrease wasn't just a matter of dollar volume. There were nine loan officers who produced more than 500 units for the year, or more than 42 per month on average. The previous year, there were 14 originators in this category, including three who produced over 700 loans during the year.

The National Mortgage News family of publications began its annual loan officer rankings in 1999, with production data covering origination volume from 1998.

A new segment of this year's list will be revealed each business day from April 15 through April 27. The list below will be updated with links when each segment is published.

Top 1% Mortgage Originators in America 2015



Top 1% Mortgage Originators in America 2014



Five Star Professional - September 2015


The Five Star award program is now entering its twelfth year.

Five Star Professional conducts market-specific research throughout the U.S. and Canada to identify reputable and trustworthy service professionals. Research results undergo a thorough regulatory review, and qualifying individuals receive the Five Star Professional award.

Five Star Professional joins forces with city and regional magazines to make the research results available to consumers in more than 45 markets across the United States and Canada.

Five Star Professional was founded in 2003 and is based in Minneapolis, MN.

Mortgage Originator Magazine

Top 200 Mortgage Originators in USA

April 2008

Mortgage Originator Magazine ranked me 3rd in the nation with FHA production totaling 196 loans funded and forty-three and a half million in closed loan volume

Mortgage Originator Magazine

Top 200 Mortgage Originators in USA

April 2008


Mortgage Originator Magazine also awarded me an award in this category as well and ranked me 199th in the country for most loan volume closed in a single year by a loan originator with forty-eight and a half million and 216 loans closed and funded. 


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FHA Loans

Refinance Loans 

Mortgage Lending

VA loans

Home Loans

Investment Properties

Real Estate

Reverse Mortgages

Mortgage Banking

FHA financing

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Self-Employed Borrowers

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All Windows operating systems

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook

Calyx Point

Ellie Mae Encompass / Banker Edition & 360

Fannie Mae DU & Freddie Mac LP

Credit Plus


Arthur Aranda - Hudson City Savings Bank - Mortgage Origination Dept.
For several years I have had the pleasure of working with Nikitas as his account executive for my bank. During this relationship I have always found him to be very knowledgeable and dedicated. He has a very good understanding of the entire mortgage origination process from application to closing.
Bill Kovach
“Nikitas is most professional and diligent in his dealings with clients. His knowledge of his industry and ability to communicate clearly make him an asset for anyone.”
Vicente Galindo
“His Approach has always been honest and professional. Disclosure has been clear to me for what he has provided.”
Daniel Chege
“Mr. Nikitas is well versed in what he does and treats his customers with class and dignity. I recommend him.
Bart Kaplan – Glen Cove, NY
Nick is a self-starter with a great work ethic and is a person of high moral values and is up to any task.
Brian Bates – Great Neck, NY
Since I have worked with Nikitas as a mortgage professional, he has demonstrated all the ideal skills that are necessary to excel within our career. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated in this career, which allows him to provide customers with all the right tools to accomplish their goals.
Ken Sorrentino
“Nikitas have been great to help me to build my clients and make it success. I thank him for being there. If I was on my own, it would be tough spot. He is a great person to complete your task. Also good detail-oriented manager on his team. He would be very important asset to your company. He is a superb guy to work with. He is also Straight Shooter when he tells you, what it can be done or not, If I have a problem with the clients, he tells me how to resolves it. That is a leadership
Peter Pappas – Syosset, NY
I have known Nikitas for a bit less than a year now. After hundreds of email exchanges, I can pretty much assure you that he has been nothing short of spectacular. I would recommend Nikitas over & over to anyone. Thank you so much for your professionalism & caring throughout this refinance/closing process.
Ralph Graczak – St Louis, MO
Nikitas: Thank you for all the work you did to refi our home loan. We really appreciate the effort and care you took... from the initial paperwork, putting up with my clumsy faxing, to guiding us through the final stages. Your efforts have made our lives much better. Thanks again, Ralph Graczak
Lynne Miscedra – Hyde Park, NY
Very happy with my refinance. Nikitas Kouimanis was very helpful, professional, etc. to work with. I would recommend working with Nikitas to have a smooth transaction. What he quoted me is exactly what was on the paper work. The attorney that closed the deal was also very helpful in explaining the process.
Christopher Lee Navoda & Orasa Rice-Ray - Bunkerville, Nevada 89007
To Whom It May Concern, Nikitas Kouimanis was instrumental in securing our first mortgage a year age and in securing a refinance loan on the same house on June 1st, 2012. Nikitas on both occasions worked tirelessly with the difficult intricacies of the loans. He was available at all hours for consultation and I don't believe the loans would have been done without his expertise and hard work. Nikitas is an excellent communicator whose knowledge of the process enabled the loans to fund even after I and my wife were ready to give up due to the difficult circumstances associated with the loan. Before we started to build our new house in order to get the construction loan we got pre-approved through Wells Fargo Mortgage for the Long term loan after the construction loan expires. After we finished building the home and we were ready for long term financing we went back to the same loan officer at Wells Fargo that pre-approved the loan a while back. However some two months later the loan officer quit Wells Fargo and went to another company partly due to the difficulties he was having getting Wells Fargo to close our loan. He took the loan package with him to his new company but two months later there was still no movement so we went online to Lending Tree to find a lender. Sterling National bank and Nikitas were referred by Lending tree. We did eventually get frustrated with SNB as well and we tried another mortgage company but after a few weeks they gave up and we went back to Sterling NB. I am very glad we did as Nikitas would not let this loan drop and eventually got it through. I would recommend Nikitas Kouimanis and Sterling National Bank to anyone interested in obtaining a mortgage; in fact we have told our son and niece to work with him when they are ready to get a loan... We are extremely happy with the service we have received and with the loan terms.
Pamela O’Connor and William O’Connor Col. U.S.A.F Ret. – Ashburn, VA
My husband and I recently decided to take advantage of the great interest rates being offered for refinancing. We have a vacation home in Florida and really wanted to lower the interest rate. After contacting Chase (who held the mortgage), and not finding a satisfactory response to our inquiry, we went on line to see what kind of response we would get. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with all the lending institutions wanting to help us out. I spent a good deal of time screening calls to determine if I felt the caller would be someone we could work with. I returned the calls of quite a few to see what kind of a deal and service they could offer. One of them was Mr. Nikitas Kouimanis. I explained our situation with this house being our second home and that we really wanted to get a lower interest rate while we could. I realized that there probably would be some difficulty getting the lowest interest rate as we do rent it out some even though we consider it our second home. Mr. Kouimanis was very helpful in taking a good deal of time to walk me through what the process would be and explain how he would try and get us the best rate possible under the circumstances. I felt he was a person that was honest and would do his best to get us the best deal in the shortest amount of time. Well, as we had not refinanced since the housing market had crashed we were quite surprised at the volume of paper work required to refinance now. So because of my husband’s work schedule and trying to locate all the needed paper work the process did take longer than we expected. During this time Mr. Kouimanis sent us updated list of things to send that he would need for the process of the refinancing. As we expected it was more involved than refinancing a primary house and took longer. This whole process went on over the Christmas holidays, so that slowed the process also. During all this I kept in touch with Mr. Kouimanis by e-mail or phone and he was always responsive and prompt in his replies. We felt we had developed a good working relationship with Mr. Kouimanis so much so that we refinanced our primary residence house with him also! I would not hesitate to recommend him and Sterling Bank to anyone. He is a definite asset to your Bank and mortgage department, and I can assure you that is a hard worker and a person I would work with again. With Regards, Pamela O'Connor and William O'Connor Col. U.S.A.F Ret.
Howard Stucki – FL
Tad & Kari Carlson – Apple Valley, MN
Hello, We wanted to take some time to inform you of how happy our family is with our refinancing process through Sterling and specifically with working with Nikitas. To be honest, we entered the refinance process with a bit of trepidation, as we weren’t sure what to expect and questioned whether we would get the attention needed while working with a remote company. Nikitas quickly alleviated our concerns by answering all of our questions both quickly and comprehensively. He was very responsive and also called directly whenever more information was needed so the process would not be delayed. Tad works in the IT industry, where faceless interaction for long periods of time is the norm, and we have completed multiple large purchases with remote companies. However, we believe some companies forget the need to develop a relationship with the customer even though they may never meet them face-to-face. We can honestly say that Sterling and Nikitas, in particular, did not forget this important part to doing business. We appreciate all the help we received throughout the process and look forward to continuing to do business with you. Sincerely, Tad & Kari Carlson
Michael and Gina Colombo – Flushing, MI
We had a pleasure and good working relationship with Mr. Nikitas Kouimanis as our loan officer. He has a great knowledgeable and helpful with our refinancing loan application. He was honest in explaining on how the loan works and time consuming. He has helped us out when we were trying to get our refinancing loan to be approved. We had problems with Ally Corp. who took over GMAC Mortgage Co. They turned down our refinancing loan due to a lack of employment status. We were glad that you took us in with your bank. I would recommend to others who are need for refinancing, or buying a new home. You did a great job of helping others who are in need of help during the economy crisis. Your bank is #1 in customer satisfaction. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Gina Colombo
Brian C. Aber
“Nikitas has always been a true professional! He is diligent, patient, and is a pleasure to work with.”
Glory Bilalli
“Nikitas is a pleasure to work with, and is always responsive, timely and professional! I look forward to many more years of working together!”
Colette Friedman
“During my dealings with Nikitas, Nikitas was a very hard worker and very insightful on the needs of his clients. I found him to be very knowledgeable about his products and very accommodating in getting your needs addressed and taken care of within the timeframe and framework of your expectations. I would recommend him to any mortgage and insurance company for I believe he would be a valuable asset to the company. Kudos to Nikitas....I wish him well in his endeavors.”
Robin Weirich
“Nikitas will take exceptional care of all your home financial needs. He will exceed all your expectations in timelines and customer service and follow up. Please send all your New York clients to him for incredible service. Thank you, Robin Weirich Principal Prestige Financial Services.”
Vicki LaBarre – VA
Nikitas Kouimanis is by far and away, the best loan officer with whom I’ve ever worked. His extensive knowledge and expertise, coupled with his consummate professionalism and unflagging “can do” attitude make him an outstanding member in his field, and a true jewel in Sterling National Bank’s crown. They are indeed very fortunate to have him on their staff.
Linda Casbeer – MN
Nikitas, I wanted to take a quick minute to extend my thanks for your efforts in managing our mortgage refinance. It had been several years since I had been through the mortgage loan process, and I very much appreciated your willingness to “hand hold” me through the entirety. Your prompt and thorough response helped me to remain at ease through the process.
Jeff Williams – West Hempstead, NY
Nikitas is a well-rounded mortgage professional. I have found him to be direct, honest, and extremely driven. His knowledge of industry products and guidelines are extensive. Nikitas is great as an overall mortgage lending resource.
Tom Thompson – NY, NY
It’s rare to find a person that truly cares about their clients these days. Niki does exactly this and provides such a high customer service unmatched in his field. I encourage anyone to do business with or refer him! I certainly keep Niki in the highest regards!
Howard Sloane – Melville, NY
I have been doing business with Nikitas for the past few years & have always been a hard worker. He has always managed his team in a way that was both professional & strategic. He is a great asset to the company he works for now & any company he worked for in the past.
Carl White – Palm Harbor, FL.
Nikitas comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”. You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Nikitas as I have.
Paula Lewis – Long Beach, NY
Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for all your help in refinancing my mortgage. As you know, it was a yearlong process for me, trying to find a bank or mortgage company who would be willing to help me refinance. I was given false hope over and over again from many companies whose employees simply wanted “the sale” and once they realized it would take some leg work to help me maneuver through the process after I filled out their applications, I would not be called back or simply turned down and dismissed as it being too difficult a process since my debt to income ratio was higher than necessary for a quick and simple refinance. At the lowest point of my despair thinking I would never be able to quality or find someone who would help me, I called the servicing company who held my mortgage and they referred me to Sterling Bank. The universe must have been perfectly aligned for me that day as when I called the number given me I was fortunate to find myself talking to you. Everything changed from that moment on. Your knowledge, willingness to be patient and take the time to speak to me, ask me questions, make suggestions and most importantly not lie or give me false hope made my refinancing not only possible but it was a greater savings than I imagined. Your professionalism, sincere kindness and honesty made the entire process flawless and fast. Thank you so much for everything,
Rachel Graczak -St Louis, MO
To Whom It May Concern: This Christmas I received a great gift, a refinanced home. A couple of years ago I received a similar gift when my brother helped me to remove my ex-husband’s name from my home loan with a refinanced loan, but this year he was unable to help me so he recommended Nikitas Kouimanis. Nikitas has been nothing but professional and very helpful from the first moment with the filling out of the initial paperwork until the final refund of my escrow account with my former lender. Nikitas kept me updated with all the ins and outs of my loan and was even available for me at odd hours due to my crazy work and training schedule. Though we have never formally met in person (I am in Missouri and he is in New York), I feel like he took the time necessary to work with me and with my previous lender to square away the best deal for me. I am very satisfied and have already recommended his services to my friends that are looking to refinance. Sincerely, Rachel Graczak
Michael A. – Astoria, NY
I've had the pleasure of working with Nikitas for two years. Nikitas has always represented himself to be a professional loan officer who goes the extra mile to help his borrower(s). Nikitas is detail-oriented and has a way of making every loan a personal goal of his to get closed. He is always striving to make his borrower(s) loan process a smooth and easy transaction. I would recommend Nikitas to anyone who is looking to buy a home or to simply refinance an existing mortgage.
Michael A. Mills – Plainview, NY
Working with Nikitas has garnered him my highest recommendation. Nikitas is constantly scouring the marketplace and industry publications, looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”. His nearly encyclopedic knowledge of residential lending guidelines, mortgage product structures, and underwriting standards makes him an asset to his clients. His application of this know-how gives him an edge over typical loan officers. He can find beneficial and ethical ways to help his clients in almost any situation. His frank manner of speaking and perennial honesty is heralded as a boon by his clients, who often come into the relationship with negative expectations guided by stereotypes of slick bombastic salespeople. In an industry where a good reputation is as hard to come by as it is to obtain, you would be doing yourself a favor to align with Nikitas, as a client, referral partner, or a collateral business partner, as I have.
Maribel Ayabarreno – CT, 06118
Dear Mr. Kouimanis, I am writing to thank you for your tremendous help guiding me through my recent home refinancing. As you know, refinancing a loan is a daunting task, and one that requires a great deal of trust between a broker and clients. Knowing I could depend on you to respond quickly to questions and concerns with accurate information made the process much easier. You provided sound guidance when needed and patient when I was overwhelmed. Now I can concentrate in other financial goals knowing that paying for my home will not become a source of stress. In this difficult time, I understand the added difficulty of securing refinance deal, and very much appreciate the experience with which you were able to accomplish the task. Thank you again and if I should find myself or other people in need of loan assistance, I will not hesitate to call you or give out the name of Sterling National Bank. Thanks again, Maribel Ayabarreno

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