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Nicole Rosen
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Get to Know Nicole Rosen

Nicole Rosen is a licensed loan originator in the State of Washington and has her own mortgage branch.  She has partnered with one of the largest brokerages in the State; which allows her the flexibility to achieve the best possible results for her clients and still maintain the control desired when you own your own business and necessary for the one-on-one client support offered by Nicole.

In addition, to her mortgage business, Nicole is a mother of two boys, a military wife, and an active member of her community.  She spends time volunteering with the FRG (Family Readiness Group) of the unit that her husband is assigned.  Nicole is a den leader with the Boy Scouts of American, active in her son’s PTA, and is host of her own weekly radio show.  In addition,  Nicole has made it her mission through the success of her business to educate homeowner’s and potential homeowner’s with assistance from the Washington State Housing Finance Commission; and the various homebuyer education classes that Nicole teaches.


I work mainly with First Time Homebuyers as that just seems to be what's coming to me.  However, I make sure that I stay up-to-date on all loan products available on the market.  I am an approved instructor through the Washington State Housing Finance Commision to teach homebuyer education and I spend several hours a month keeping up with the various down payment assistance programs available throughout the State of Washington.

I also have a weekly radio show that speaks to the audience about how to leverage their current situation into creating long-term wealth by maximizing their credit score and current earning potential.  I am a huge fan of legal credit repair, but do not believe in simply disputing everything that's negative on a credit report.  In addition to working with lots of first time homebuyers I also work with people whose credit is less than perfect and help them to fix that (whenever possible).


I am a Licensed Loan Originator (LIC # 510-LO-45802) in the State of Washington. While I do try to stay local; I can originate loans in other states. Also, I am the host of a weekly radio program.