Nicholas  Winn (Rescue Concrete Inc.)

Concrete removal and replacement specialist: -Driveways -Curb and Gutter -Sidewalks -Bomanite Decorative concrete

Get to know Nicholas Winn

Rescue Concrete Inc has been in business for 11 years now! 

We are mid-size Family owned and operated concrete contractor. 

We have 50 employees will and ready to serve your firm

We are certified by the NHAB, this is a third party national quality assurance agency

We are also Certified with the state of California as a "Small Business Enterprise"

We serve anywhere in Northern CA, Bay area, Central Valley

No job is too small or too big for Rescue Concrete Inc.   

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Our expertise is: 

-Removal and Replacement of Sidewalks, Curb and Gutter, and Sidewalk

-High Strenght concrete patching

-Concrete grinding

-Bomanite Decorative concrete


What you get when you choose Rescue Concrete Inc:

-Notification of the tenants with our contact information (if desired)

-Complimentary rebar dowels

-Complimentary landscape repair in the areas that are affected

-Complimentary pipe repair in the areas that are affected

-Complimentary cones and/or barricades