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Don't let your home's first impression cost you money! Before you show your home, call Setting the Stage NW ~ we are "Creating Home Sales One First Impression at a Time."

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Most homes have been decorated and arranged for the best living experience.  The moment it goes on the market, it becomes a product in need of the best selling experience. Setting the Stage NW can implement changes that will allow potential buyers to see themselves and their most loved belongings in their future home.

With a background in home decor and re-design, the design and development of national in-store merchandising and photo shoot set design for a leader in the computer industry, development of window and floor displays in a retail environment, Setting the Stage NW can give you the cutting edge that will put your listing in front of the other homes on the block!  Let our creative staging MAKE YOU MONEY!

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As a homeschooling mother of 3, Setting the Stage NW's President, Rebecca Stoolfire, knows what 'getting the best value for your dollar' is all about!  That is why Setting the Stage NW prides itself in making the most of what is already in the home.  We look at the home as a whole and utilize everything in it to its best advantage.  Looking at your home with fresh eyes, Setting the Stage NW will re-use items in ways and places that you may not have ever imagined.  For instance, that little mirror on the bedroom wall may not have much impact there, but used as a tray for candles on the counter of the master bath it reflects light and gives a sense of elegance.  Or, that extra chair in the livingroom that fades into the background may make quite a statement in the foyer with a reading table and an old book.  Give Setting the Stage NW a call and see how we can re-invent your home!


BEFORE - The traffic flow of this room is poor, and the room is a bit boring


AFTER - By simply changing out the rug with one that was upstairs, rearranging the furniture and re-using some items from elsewhere in the house, Setting the Stage NW was able to improve both the traffic flow and the elegance of this room


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