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Get to know Maggie Bier-Bodge

I was recently listening to a program about Steve Jobs.  Steve's biggest focus was on what Apple products offer to the consumer, the "end user".  It was his "One Thing". This laser like focus propelled the development of the incredible interfaces that are so user friendly for consumers of all age groups.

 This left me wondering:  What am I offering?  How can I help my clients to make the best use of their time and mine to meet their needs and exceed their expectations?  The realization hit me that I haven't told my story and how well my experience and skill set make me a really good realtor.

 I was born in DC and grew up in Vienna. My dad is an architect, my mom is a landscape and gardening expert, my brothers own their own construction company.  I have been steeped in and absorbed a love for the creative process, for homes, gardens, the area, neighborhoods, and environments in which we live.  I love Virginia and believe it is one of the best places to live in the country.  We have four seasons, beautiful countryside, access to the best schools and all that DC has to offer. Add in a strong economy, and the equation is complete. (Yeah, traffic can be a pain, but all in all we are blessed to call NOVA home!)

 Sales and marketing have been my passion, starting at 16, working for Woodward and Lothrop at Tysons. With a business degree from GMU, my career rocketed into communications and pharmaceuticals.  I have always worked on commission.  In order to succeed, I have had to work smart and keep an edge up on my competitors.  I know the local market like the back of my hand.  Fairfax County hasn't always looked like this!  There used to be a lot of pasture around here! 

I have bought, sold, and remodeled a number of my own properties, so I understand the process from my client's perspective. I have a great team here at Keller Williams Fairfax Gateway.  I attend regular training regarding contractual and legal aspects of real estate.  Helping clients to sell and buy homes, marketing properties, negotiating, constantly learning, no two transactions the same.  Serving clients is my "One Thing"! Perfect fit!    


It would be really easy, or even trite, to say that I prefer listing and selling homes, helping first time home buyers, dealing with downsizing late career clients, etc, etc.

Because I can't say any one of those things is my favorite.

I love rising to the challenge of helping a client sell their house.  I enjoy coming up with creative marketing plans and helping a client to find their way through the process of getting a house they have lived in a long time-or a short time-ready to hit the market and really MOVE.  I want my clients to clearly understand that if we do the upfront work to make their property the most marketable it can be, the sellng part should be EASY.  Accomplishing a quick sale may make people question why a realtor is necessary.  From my perspective, a quick sale tells me the realtor knows exactly what they are doing!  It is the myriad things that need to happen BEFORE hitting the market that make the difference.  Part of that is doing a really great market analysis and pricing the property correctly.  Show me a house that has been sitting on the market, and I will show you a realtor who hasn't convinced the seller to price it appropriately.  These large transactions require a high level of TRUST on both sides.  Sellers need to trust realtors to hold to a professional code of ethics, and realtors need to be able to trust sellers to hire them for the right reasons and to be loyal.

Helping buyers is a competely different experience!  I can't think of a more enjoyable endeavor than helping someone find not just a house, but a HOME.  First time buyers are often going to start their families there, young professionals their careers, older couples are often downsizing or retiring to a different area, military families with their tight time frames have lots of experience.  So many different and interesting ways to keep learning more about people, their needs, and how I can be of service.  I want my buyers to know that if they get approved for a loan and then sit down with me for an in-depth analysis of their needs and wants, that I should be able to take them out and show them 5-7 houses from which they can choose one!  Again, a good realtor does the work up front and doesn't spend days and days driving around looking at 100 houses!  They listen, narrow down the choices, and take the buyer to the right properties!  

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