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I am all about Integrity and getting the best loan for the customer. My first degree is in teaching and my masters in business administration. It gives me joy to explain to a customer exactly what they're getting into and to make sure they're making the right decision taking into account their whole financial picture. Meeting new people is very exciting to me and actually one of the main reasons I chose this career.

I understand one thing. As far as the customer is concerned, it's not just a loan, it's their life. I don't forget this throughout the process. I communicate frequently with the clients and make sure they know what's going on every step of the way.

In this line of work, teamwork is very important. I work well with other real-estate professionals involved in the home buying process so that the experience can be a walk in the park for the client.


I love working with first time home buyers to make sure they make informed decisions. It's also exciting to know that I have made a contribution towards a huge part of their financial plan.

I moved to the US from another country so I also love working with people who have moved here and want to buy a house. I identify with the challenges of moving to a new country and trying to understand the system, etc. I take my time with these clients because I know where they're coming from.

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