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  Call Today 1-888-361-0008Our staff of Mortgage Counselors are ready to help. We will explain your available options and advise you on which program best suits your situation. Unfortunately, time is limited and the sooner you call the better the chances of Saving Your Home. CLICK HEREFor A Free Consultation     click here to visit our website Stop the Foreclosure Process TodayGet a Fresh Start with a Loan ModificationAre you behind on your mortgage payments? If you've had a hardship in your life or your mortgage interest rate adjusted to a payment that is out of reach, a Loan Modification can get you a fresh start. Whether it was a job loss or illness or other setback in you life, We Can Help! If you are stuck in an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) and can not refinance into a low fixed rate, there’s a solution!Advantage Home Savers The Foreclosure Prevention SpecialistsWe at Advantage Home Savers are dedicated to helping homeowners keep their families in the warm, safe place they call home. We achieve this by negotiating with your mortgage company to work out a solution that not only allows you to retain your home, but makes it affordable to pay in the future.Custom Tailored ResultsEveryone's financial Situation is Unique Before we begin the negotiation process with your lender, we construct a detailed analysis of your specific financial situation. This allows us to discover exactly what changes need to be made to your current mortgage to save your home and keep it indefinitely.  

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Advantage Home Savers is one of the fastest growing companies in the Loss Mitigation business today. We attribute our abundant growth to 3 simple things. 1- give the customer the results they want 2- provide superior customers service 3- offer our service at a highly competitive price. This business plan has afforded us to concentrate on the most important goal, Save The Client's Home.


Our proven results in negotiating with mortgage banks and servicers for our clients has been instrumental in achieving Loan Modifications with very low fixed rates and better terms to ensure affordability. Our extensive legal knowledge of mortgage documents allows us to expose mistakes (accidental or intentional) that provide us leverage with the financial institutions to change the terms of the clients mortgage to fit with our client's current financial status. We specifically look for state and/or federal violations committed by either the lending institution or third party individuals that resulted to a mortgage loan you could not afford.


We go to great lengths to make sure we are thorough when completing your financial documentation with you in order to be certain you comply with the institutions stringent approval process. We have the experience and expertise to predetermine and prepare for any pitfalls that may occur when dealing in negotiations with banks/servicers.      


The highly knowledgeable and competent staff gives our clients the confidence they seek in this very stressful situation in their lives. From the first contact we make the clients feel assured they made the right decision in choosing Advantage Home Savers.


You can rest assured knowing you retained our company to represent you and navigate you through this difficult time.

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