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MMG Capital and its principals have over 50 years of experience as a nationwide hard money lender and have been involved in other structured financing and real estate investment as well. We're committed to handling all transaction as a nationwide hard money lender with integrity and transparency. The Better Business Bureau has given MMG Capital an A+ rating for its continued excellence with its borrowers and investor clients.

Our dedication to customer service as a nationwide hard money lender is the best of its kind. We've simplified the process of applying for a private loan and we've published educational materials for investors interested in learning more about participating in Secured Loans. No matter which side of the table you're on, we'll give you the time and attention that you deserve.


As a nationwide hard money lender, MMG Capital specializes in private loan structuring for a variety of client types. We provide borrowers with an alternative solution for obtaining funding when traditional avenues aren't avaialble. The majority of our loans are made to high net worth individuals or entities that lack liquidity but have sufficient equity to secure new debt. MMG Capital is a nationwide hard money lender and provides capital for loan requests between $200,000 and $10,000,000 all across the country.

Qualified private and institutional investors from across the country have the opportunity to participate, in part or in full, in MMG Capital's well-secured loans and share in the success of the best-positioned nationwide hard money lender around. 


MMG Capital is a nationwide hard money lender specializing in short-term bridge loans for high net worth individuals and entities. Qualified Investors actively participate in MMG's Secured Loans.