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Why should a seller be especially careful when choosing a realtor to help them buy or sell a distressed property? 


Do you want the truth? Ok hope you are sitting down. Most realtors are in the business of real estate because, well simply its easy to get into. The school is easy. The state test is a breeze. The board, the multiple listing service and the agency the realtor joins are all happy to see them become a realtor because realtors pay fees. Without making it easy, there would be no fees to be collected!

The old adage of 20% of the sales force creates 80% of the business and vice versa. In real estate the numbers are closer to 9% creates 91% of the business.


Want to know a real eay way to know if a realtor is worth working with?


Ask them for their last 90 day of business activity. The report is easy (once again that word easy) to get. It should show current ACTIVES - PENDINGS - and CLOSED sales for that period. Take a look at it and make the decision.







We know you can choose any realtor to work with, so we are honored you chose us and truly appreciate any opportunity to earn your business, whatever your goals may be!