Get to Know Milton B. Yates

For those that don’t know me, my name is Milton B. Yates and I am a full time real estate investor and real estate investment coach. My first major entrepreneurial venture was a healthy food delivery service and restaurant called Fitness and Food Used for Energy and Life, Inc.. Although I was able to eke out a respectable living in that industry for over 5 years, I felt like my time had a greater value than I had given it. I DECIDED to learn Real Real Estate Investing Secrets that would show me how to make LIFE-CHANGING money. My life did indeed change. I put the four pillars of success: personal development, business systems, direct-response marketing, and real estate investing; to work. Shortly afterwards, I started my own real estate investment business, A.S.A.P. Community Solutions, Inc. and began posting my own ads and signs, creating my seller and buyer lists, and getting super duper deals...experiencing extraordinary success. As you can imagine, I was hooked! So hooked that I have been addicted to real estate investment, both learning and teaching. I have joined several mastermind groups across the U.S. and I became obsessed with mastering the ability to teach non-traditional real estate investment methods. I believe that the realization of wealth comes in helping others obtain it. I continue to purchase 2 to 3 houses per month in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and wholesale no fewer than 5 per month. I have mentored some of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs on the east coast and the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

President, A.S.A.P. Community Solutions, Inc

Co-President, PG County REIA

Organizer, "The What and the How" Dallas REI Secrets MeetUp

Organizer, DFW Marketing Society

Assistant Organizer, A.S.A.P. Community Real Estate Buying and Investing MeetUp

#1 Real Estate Investor in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Dallas, Texas


Milton B. Yates’ “The What and The How”™ is an educational company that teaches wealth building strategies primarily through real estate investment. The company offers learning opportunities for real estate investors around the country through various on-site seminars, coaching programs, teleseminars, and an interactive membership website.  Milton Yates prides himself in giving both the WHAT and the HOW in creative real estate investment education. His students and coaching clients have experienced extraordinary success through his mentorship, interactive training, and hands-on approach to teaching the principles of real estate.