Homes & Land of Calgary Magazine (Homes & Land of Calgary Magazine)

Homes & Land of Calgary is a monthly Real Estate Catalog showcasing area real estate from top Realtors, builders & developers in and around Calgary Alberta. Also available online at:

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Homes & Land of Calgary is a monthly Real Estate Catalog  showcasing area real estate from top Realtors, builders & developers in and around Calgary Alberta. Also available online at:

When you're ready to sell your home in Calgary and area it is always important to hire a Realtor that does everything possible to get your home maximum exposure to potential buyers, the more potential buyers that see your home the better your chances of selling your home. When interviewing ask the potential Realtors to show you their marketing plans and ask them how they intend to showcase your home to potential buyers.

With a Full Service Realtor that uses Homes & Land Magazine to showcase their clients home you have a Realtor that ensures their clients home are seen by potential buyers all over the Calgary and area. Homes & Land Magazine prints more copies each Issue than any other publication in the city, our magazines are found at area Safeways, Co-ops, Sobeys, at Mac's Convenience Stores, in Second Cup Coffee Shops and at over 700 other high traffic locations in Calgary like LRT Stations, Regional Hospitals, City Malls like Chinook (Canada 3rd busiest mall - where we hand out over 4000 magazines every 4-weeks.)

We mail complimentary copies to Open Houses, Area Sellers, Businesses and Professionals for use in their waiting rooms.With Homes & Land your property is seen. This means more Potential Buyers are aware of your home resulting in  more showings which can lead to multiple offers and a higher selling price. 

Our new online electronic version of the magazine at: addresses the growing number of potential buyers that use the Internet to research real estate prior to Buying. Our Online Magazine assists potential buyers that are searching on the Internet at the start of their cycle.

We set up our online magazine as a Free Subscription Service to expand our readership and to increase our advertisers exposure in Calgary. We already print more copies of our magazine than any other Calgary Real Estate Magazine and at some point we could potentially double our readership and have as many or more people reading our magazine online as do in print.

Our online magazine allows viewers to connect directly to our advertisers websites to see additional property photos of the homes featured in the magazine and allows users to see all of the information found on our advertisers site.

All in all when it comes time to sell what is probably your largest asset trust your home to a Realtor that will Market it and Sell it for ALL it is Worth

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Homes & Land of Calgary Magazine is a valuable tool designed to assist Buyers and Seller of Calgary and area Real Estate. We offer Sellers unsurpassed Exposure to Potential Buyers. We offer Seller valuable information about area real estate prices but more importantly we offer Seller the chance to meet area Realtors, Realtors that all place a very high degree of value in the marketing and showcasing of their clients homes.


Like anything For Sale the more people that know about a sale the better. Think back to how many times we have all bought things as a result of reading about a sale that the company had going on. Advertising drives retail and it will help definitely help Sell Your Home. 

These Realtors ensure that all of their clients properties are exposed to the most amount of Potential Buyers as possible. You would never think to hire a Realtor that would not even put out a lawn sign in your yard, but yet you'll hire a Realtor that does not advertise your home to Pro-Active Buyers. Advertising your home increases the chances that your home will be seen and sold .

With a Full Service Realtors that advertises your home in Homes & Land you don't pay more... YOU JUST GET MORE!