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Watch The Lovely Bones Online


The Lovely Bones, at its core, is a story of life and everything that came after. Here is the scoop of the plot without ruining the whole movie for you. The central figure in the movie is a 14 year old girl from Pennsylvania named Susie Salmon. One day while coming home from school, she gets persuaded to follow a man named Harvey to an underground tunnel. Shockingly, she gets raped and murdered by the man who turns out to be a serial killer.When you watch The Lovely Bones online, you can see the family’s sufferings after the girl’s death. Sussie after dying walk into heaven from where she watches earthbound events from time to time. You can also see how Sussie maintains a balance between her desire for revenge from Harvey and her desire for her family to recover from the loss. Later in the movie it is shown how the killer is found and ultimately and justly killed. The movie relates to a series of events happening to each of the family members, all while being narrated by Sussie from heaven.