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Mike Young
FHA 203k Consultant 828-469-7462
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Mike was an FHA Real estate appraiser from 1992-2004 retired, author, home inspector for over 30 years, Mike Young Seminars instructing for CE credits for appraisers and home inspectors since 1992, 203k consultant trainer since 1995, software provider to 203k consultants since 1995 with our latest release coming very shortly. Most popular 203k Training and Software since 1995 for consultants nationally. 

Real estate professionals learn how to limit your liability on most every sale you make by having your client make those reprairs before they have a chance to sue. The loan closes as fast as any FHA loan then the work begins... you are out of it with your commission upon close.

Lenders learn how to speed up the process and get those 203k closed fast. Our lenders love the fact that our 203k consultant report writing software has won awards at MBA's nationally and that they can get their loans through underwriting much faster by getting more consistent reports into underwriting. That is why we are being specified more than any other 203k consultant software.

Borrowers learn how to choose their team mates so they assist in getting that loan closed and don't hinder the process.

Investors, including seasoned investors as well as new investors. We show YOU how to find mixed use buildings that can be reconfigured to have no more than 4 units includiung the single commercial unit and still have it be a 203k. That means 3.5% downpayment. We'll even show you how to take a 5-8 unit building and during the rehab turn it in to a real money making project that will allow your client to "LIVE RENT FREE IN AMERICA".

We have three books out now... you will love them. Book 2 is 203k Loan - The hottest renovation loan product on the market a borrower's guide.

We work all over the USA not just in Las Vegas NV.

Financing Mixed Use Buildings

Purchase or refinance your mixed use building with the FHA 203k loan guarantee program.


HUD FHA Certified 203k Consultant

Former RE appraiser

Former sheet metal manufacturer


#1 rated 203k consultant software from the MBA

Most of our awards are from our satisfied customers when we see how happy they are in their new homes.


HUD FHA 203k consultant

Home Inspector

Automation Consultant for Manufacturers


David C.
This guy is awesome. Totally saved my a$$ on a project that was going awry. He adds so much value I think he saves you 10x what you pay him, that and he is really nice to work with. He always over-delivers. For example its not really part of his job to give you general advice - but he does and is super nice about it. I can also say having lived in the house that he helped me build a few years - pretty much everything he told me to do that I didn't do I should have done and everything he told me to do that I did worked out right. Its not his job to mediate between home owners and contractors - but I know he does. It is his job is to tackle difficult and contentious situations (e.g. should the contractor get paid or not) its important to note that I had such a consistently great experience with him and I have heard such terrific things about him from so others that the only plausible explanation for the one negative review on Yelp is that the client in question should really be blaming themselves but they'd much rather blame someone else. These days I try to get him involved in any situation I am involved in - even if it doesn't involve a 203k.
Bridgewater NJ - "I appreciate all the personalized help and attention you've given me over the years concerning both the 203k program and your phenomenal 203k consulting software. Beyond providing fantastic 203k software you have been very generous with your time and resources. .... a rare find in today's competitive world." 203k Consultant
San Diego Appraiser
"Thank you for being the answer to my prayers. I've been looking for a nitch product and with your tutoring the 203k looks like just what I need. Thank you for the hours we have spent on the phone picking your brain."
San Jose CA - "Your reports are so much better than anything I've seen and I review a lot of 203k work write ups" Wells Fargo Underwriting

We provide quality information in a timely manner to help you assess the repair costs for your purchase or refinance. We then provide a cost for those renovations prior to the contractor bid process.