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Maureen Martin
it's not just a loan, it's an experience!
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As a lender, I have focused my efforts on putting customer needs first, while generating a satisfied experience for my client through precision pricing and service. I am an expert in many areas of lending even in today’s ever changing market. I not only cover all aspects of conventional lending, but consider myself an expert with FHA and VA mortgages as well. Through my many years of experience in real estate finance, sales, and marketing I have consistently been a top producer in my field.

I welcome the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. With my expertise and knowledge, I will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Maureen Martin

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She did not disappoint! I randomly found Maureen through her website. After emailing her late evening, I promptly got a phone call from her the next morning and immediately got a good feeling about her competence and desire to provide me with great service. She did not disappoint! She quickly got me me qualified and fully explained the pros and cons of my financing options which helped me zero in on a realistic target price range. Over 4 months I made several offers on homes until I got one accepted on my dream home. Each time I wrote an offer, within hours (or less) Maureen supplied a customized per-qualification letter to match my offer. She was also very helpful and straight forward answering my endless questions along the way. When I entered the escrow process she was also there to ensure that everything went smoothly. Going in I had very high expectations of Maureen and she exceeded them with her knowledge, fast responses, and very friendly customer service. I highly recommend Maureen to everyone I know including friends and family. 10/11/12~ David C.

Maureen and her team are thorough, informed and committed to delivering a funded loan without complication when it comes time to close. She is a great communicator and good businessperson who will quickly build trust and deliver on all promises. My wife and I dealt with a tremendously challenging seller and Maureen was a great asset, serving as counsel to help us make informed decisions during the escrow process. Having someone you can trust with your personal/financial information and bring together all the moving parts of the loan approval and funding process is paramount. Buying a home is an emotional charged life event and likely your single largest investment to date at time of purchase. Maureen is someone you can trust, is a pleasure to deal with and want in your corner over the course of the home buying process.
S. Vito
Maureen Martin is quite simply the best Mortgage Broker you could ever possibly find. When dealing with trying to purchase a home in the San Luis Obispo area, instead of going with a local company I returned to Maureen as she had successfully done refinances for me on both my Santa Barbara home as well as one I owned in the San Diego area. I was used to her ability to always be available and knowledgeable with the refinances, but I was really unaware of her ability to research and problem-solve when it came to getting a mortgage on a new property. Maureen is never anything but completely professional and if a door closes during the lending process, she is right there to find another door and another option to take. Her “can-do” attitude makes you feel confident through the entire process and her ability to continually make you feel that you are her only client is amazing. It really is a special experience working with Maureen, and once you have had the privilege, she will become your life-long broker
S. N.
As a Realtor, I am very weary of most lenders. Well, with Maureen, she has not only delivered on every transaction we have closed together, but she is SO sweet, personable, professional and KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING! Maureen is truly the best Lender I have ever worked with (I have never said that about a lender and I have been in the business 8 years). She fights for her clients to make sure that they have the best rates, and loan program possible. I just adore her! Save yourself the headache and use Maureen!
I just bought my very first home with a VA loan and Maureen was there every step of the way making a very difficult process so much easier. I would highly recommend her to anyone she was very professional along with being such a sweet person.
Nicole V.
I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Maureen Martin highly. As a young professional with a student loan, I was advised by a local lender in San Luis Obispo that financing my home buying endeavor would essentially not be possible. So we went back to Maureen who had financed properties in San Diego for my mother years before. She not only came through, but completely exceeded expectations. She is, without question, brilliant at her job. But above and beyond that, she is someone that is pleasurable to work with. With buying a home being right up there with one of the most stressful events of life, having someone on your side and feeling that you can trust them with something so important – well that is something that is hard to come by. Again, I would recommend her without question.
R. J.
Maureen Martin and her Associates are true professionals when it comes to home financing. They made our home buying experience stress free and easy. We are highly satisfied and definitely will recommend her to all my family and friends. Maureen you are a true blessing to our family. Thank you. We are a client for life.
Maureen Martin & her associates at JMJ Financial are true professionals. They are knowledgeable, honest, helpful and fast. They made our home financing experience stress free. Maureen definitely delivers a high quality customer service. She is very responsive to her clients needs and has a very calming personality. I enjoyed dealing with her. We will definitely recommend her to all my family and friends. We are your client for life. Thank you and God bless.
S. J.
Maureen is by far the most knowledgeable, responsive and helpful mortgage lender that I have ever met. I was a first time home buyer and Maureen made the process very easy for me. I was terrified of what I was getting into when buying my first home, but Maureen walked me through every single step and even provided morale support when I did not know if I was making a good or bad choice in a home. From the day that I started looking, Maureen would provide prompt feedback with regard to questions about types of loans, things that I should consider based on the type of property that I was looking for and making sure that I stayed within my requested monthly mortgage estimates. I trust Maureen 100% and plan to use her in the future and would recommend that if you are looking for a mortgage lender, Maureen is the best around! She was so amazing that when I found a home, we closed in 20 days! You will not get the same attention from big banks and I’m so glad that I found Maureen.
A. P.
Maureen is the utmost professional. After signing her clients, it occurred to me that I’ve never met a client of hers, signing loan documents, less than beyond pleased and impressed with her service and communication. What more can I say? Working with Maureen is such a pleasure. Her other reviews definitely confirm what I am writing here. Not only do I value and appreciate her business, I look forward to working with her. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met, treating everyone with value equally. This is who she is to the core, and it shows in her business. I consider her a friend, but get the feeling, her clients feel this way by the time I meet them too.
Jennifer C.
We found Maureen online in search of a reputable loan officer. From our first point of contact, we were extremely impressed with her responsiveness. Keep in mind that my first call to her was at 7pm on a Friday evening and she answered the phone! Throughout the process Maureen continued to exceed our expectations with her amazingly quick response times and her encouragement throughout the entire process. Getting a loan isn’t exactly the easiest process these days but Maureen continued to encourage us every step of the way keeping us at ease and even excited about the process the whole time. From the first time that we spoke, until the day that we got our keys, Maureen never left our side. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, encouraging, compassionate, loan officer with an amazing operations team to back her up! Thanks again to her for helping us purchase our beautiful new home!
L. P.
Maureen was the fourth loan officer that we contacted. None of them could help us, and she did. We are moving to our new house soon. With one phone call, she had an idea of our financial situation and determined how we would be able to purchase a home and everything was done right, honestly and precise. She guided us through the entire process, with numerous e-mails and phone calls. She is very good on what she does, and she is reachable. She does not leave you hanging without answers, and we had a lot of them. We are talking to her about refinancing our two rental properties, because we were so impressed with her expertise and speed. We love working with professionals people like her and we strong recommend her for home purchasing. It’s a complicated process, but she makes it look easy. She is also a caring and sensitive person. My husband is a landscaper and when they were talking she sensed his passion for what he does and she helped him to get more business. She not only got us a home, but more income to help us to pay the mortgage. We are thankful that somebody recommended her to us and it is our pleasure to do the same.
S. B.
I was introduced to Maureen when I was searching for loan agents who would best fit my needs. Although I had a positive experience with my earlier loan agent, I decided to go with Maureen (at JMJ Financial) for a few clear reasons. In addition to wide variety of loan products (or options) that she offered, she was the most responsive of all the three agents that I spoke to before selecting her and JMJ Financial. Additionally she answered all my detailed questions related to a not too easy to understand home financing process. She worked diligently to get me a rate and gave me certain credit towards my closing costs as well. Maureen is very easy to work with and is highly knowledgeable in her field of work. I highly recommend Maureen as a loan agent and wish her luck in her career.
D. S.
I had the pleasure of meeting Maureen (a local residential loan officer) on one of my recent purchase transactions. The buyer put in a lot of time and hard work to find just the right professionals to represent him. I would definitely agree with his choice in lenders. Maureen was spot on with her communication, never missing a beat. Her company was quick, and very on top of the file at all times. We were always ahead of schedule for all of our important dates on the timeline, and throughout the whole process, Maureen was always available to assist us with any questions that came up. I would highly recommend Maureen Martin for any buyers looking for an exceptional lender.
Aaron D.
We have used Maureen on 4 transactions ranging from buying or refi our properties. She is very informative and can guide you to the best outcome regarding your situation. I trust her judgement and her team never lets me down. I always consult Maureen and her team to make sure nothing will get delayed. She is a great asset for your property ownership team.
Brian D.
We started our search for a home a few years ago and our Realtor recommended Maureen for our funding needs. We tried a few people we knew and they couldn’t get us approved for a loan… but she was able to get it done. She was simply amazing and answered all my questions (I had a lot) and really helped us along the way since this was our first time owning property. She responds quickly via phone,text,emails, smoke signals even! hehe kidding about the last one but my point is she cares… I’m not sure how many clients she has at a time but she always makes me feel like I am the only one and I like that. Fast forward two years later and thanks to property prices rising I wanted to get a lower rate and get rid of our PMI…. I figured since she did such a wonderful job the first time why not be a repeat customer? We just recently finished our refi with her and again she gave us the same great customer service, quick responses and knowledge…. I cannot stress how wonderful she is and I will continue to use her services in the future! We love you Maureen!!! Please don’t change a thing! =)
S. J.
Thanks, Maureen, for the smooth, on-time closing you promised on our short escrow! We really appreciate you being tuned in to the market and finding just the right loan product to meet our needs. I concur with other reviewers about Maureen’s prompt responses (sheesh, even when she was out of town!) and feeling like we were working with a friend. I’d refer anyone to Maureen without hesitation!
S. K. T.
Maureen was the deal saver for us. We signed purchase contract for a new construction in April (Coe in End of Sept 2013) and initially worked with builder’s inhouse lender. In Mid August, I got a feeling that we are at greater risk by using the inhouse lender because they don’t understand our situation and the loan may get rejected. We already own 2 houses, had a prior loan modification and our DTI was more that 45%. Then I found Maureen from Redfin and after doing some research it was clear that she is the perfect loan officer for us. She called me right away after I initiated the contact and she went through our detail financial scenario. AFter 2 days, she informed that the loan couldn’t be approved after initial underwriter review. After few hours, I got another email that she is again working with her Director to review my details and may be she can get an acceptance on exception. The next day, I got the confirmation that the application is pre-approved and she is ready to work with me further. That was a big relief. There were certain conditions on the approval and she worked every step with me to make sure that those conditions are removed on time.And finally the loan was approved and funded and the house was closed on time. My best experience in summary 1. The best APR was offered to me without any negotiation. And at the end, I was surprised to see that the APR on the note is even less than locked rate. I believe she worked in background for the best possible rate. 2. I was little short of cash required for closing and she waived off the lender fee. Was a real big help. 3. She is an expert in her area. If something can’t be done, she wont drag it. 4. Extremely fast response. I communicated more than 200 emails about this mortgage and all the response was withing few minutes. All my phone calls were answered or she called me back within 30 minutes(Including weekends). 5. Mortgage is a very complex process and she advises on every step about what to do and what not to do. I don’t have to look for another loan officer again.
Ryan L.
I’ve known Maureen professionally for about 10 years now. I’ve worked with her on many, many transactions over the years. Other than her commitment and dedication to making sure that all of her clients needs are met, I also know how extremely loyal she is on a professional note with her service providers as well. Maureen continues to tell other people in the real estate community about how not only she can help people, but she also knows who else is out there that can help her clients as well. From escrow officers, to title reps, to real estate agents, Maureen is extremely well connected. She’s made it through all of the ups and downs in this industry and I’ve watched her do it with tremendous grace. Knowing that she is still committed to those who have helped her along the way, says a lot about her character. I would highly recommend Maureen to any real estate agents or clients looking for an exceptional lender.
Brandon W.
From the first time I contacted Maureen Martin she has been the most professional, courteous, responsive and truly caring lending agent (or any professional agency for that matter) that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Maureen made herself available for any and all questions at any time during the day. I came into the home loan process with very little knowledge and Maureen took the time to answer every single question and concern with nothing but diligence and compassion. It is extremely rare to come across an individual the is so caring and passionate about their work. Maureen showed that she truly cares about her customers time and time again. I cannot express how much she is appreciated and how smooth and seamless she made the transition to our new home. Anyone who is in need of an absolutely amazing lending agent that will do everything in her power to get the job done and treat you with the utmost care and respect should call Maureen Martin.
T. H.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Maureen!! I would like to give her 10 Stars!!! We started this home search/purchase OVER 7 months ago, when deciding to go with “new home construction” (nightmare!) we came across 547,763,312 Issues! One of them being my husband over seas during the purchase, still she made it happen! Without Maureen I’m willing to bet I would have lost my mind!! She Is soooooo on top of her game and you feel like you’re working with a friend:) This girl is fast to respond too! I can honestly say I NEVER had to wait on anything with her! I would recommend her to EVERYONE!!
Angela P.
Maureen is definitely a five star worker! I had some real challenges with my first realtor and she not only suggested a fabulous one, we closed within twenty-one days! All I can say is she is the best! A very hard worker, great communicator and encouraging…..rock star solid!
Maile M.
My husband and I had the PLEASURE of working with Maureen Martin on the purchase of our condo. As first time home buyers we were overwhelmed by the process and had endless questions. Maureen’s extensive knowledge gave us the confidence to know that we were in extremely capable hands. Her POSITIVE attitude & EXCELLENT work ethic made us feel that she took a genuine interest in helping us find our new home as well as making sure it happened in a timely manner. Thanks to her diligence and attention to detail we were able to obtain a very competitive rate. I can’t say enough about Maureen’s services & wouldn’t hesitate to call upon her for any future lending needs!!! We just love Maureen:)

I am a real estate mortgage professional specializing in all types of residential home lending. I have over 14 years experience delivering cutting edge programs and pricing.