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We are the solution to your financial needs! American Credit Solution understands that in order to build a strong financial house you must start by creating a solid foundation.

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When it comes to credit, we have the belief that we either have it good or bad. For many consumers, being turned down when applying for a mortgage, car or student loan, credit cards, or just to lower their rates can be a devastating experience. Especially if we do not have an answer as to why we have been denied.

Credit is the foundation of your financial life. Almost all aspects of it will some how be affected by what type of credit score you have. Yet, if it is so important, where do we learn about it: in school, the government? American Credit Solution is dedicated in providing you with world class credit knowledge, training and services. If you have been denied credit and would like to lower your interest rates by removing inaccurate information from your credit reports or simply learn more about managing your credit, our company is right for you.

Through our combined service of American Credit and Ultra ScoreTM we are able to help thousands of consumers who are negatively affected by poor credit attain a better quality of life. We are the best choice for improving your credit report and obtaining a loan at the lowest possible rate. Our superior services deliver rapid and definitive results, at the same time, offering exceptional client support. Here are just a few examples:

Convenient and Affordable, no monthly fees that will affect your financial position 24Hr On line access to your account and an updated status on your disputes Live customer support available, just a ring away Over ten years experience with thousands of satisfied clients Customized dispute letters for the credit bureaus A detailed game plan to maximize your credit points and manage your debt

Our goal is customer satisfaction. American Credit Solution's success is a reflection of the efforts of our staff. We truly believe establishing excellent credit for our clients can open many opportunities for financial growth. Now imagine if you can offer this opportunity to many more in need. Make a difference in your life and in others as well.


American Credit Education Services can help by removing from your credit report any of the following items which should not have been included on your credit report:

Late payments Judgments Tax Liens Repossessions Settlements Collections Bankruptcies Charge offs Foreclosures Student Loans

Many of our financial goals include achievements that not only will enhance our lifestyle, but provide an increase in our quality of life. Don't let bad credit destroy your dreams of owning a home, car, low interests or even the job you always wanted. We are the American Credit Solution.

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