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I feel that my experience, integrity, and professionalism are attributes that serve both my clients and myself well. I'm equally at home speaking with the first time buyer or the 'been around the block' investment property owner.

I will not compromise these principles, nor the faith that my clients place in me. The mortgage industry is flooded with banks soliciting potential borrowers. Yet my customer retention and repeat business are proof that I 'underpromise, overdeliver,' as opposed to competitors who play the shell game with buyers.

To me, working with a new client is a chance to build a relationship with him, his friends, his co-workers, his family. I would not jeopardize that opportunity by trying to add extra charges and unnecessary ( and previously unmentioned ) points.

The mortgage industry no longer has the trust that it once did, and with good reason. I have lost transactions in the past due to competitors who make promises that they can't or won't deliver at the closing table. The only promise I'll ever make is the one that I always keep, that I'll do my best for you and the terms we agree on are the terms you'll receive. Seems like that would be automatic, but its not. That's why I will always succeed in this business.


I specialize in all areas of financing. I have experience in FHA/ VA, First Time Homebuyer Programs, Vacation and Investment Properties, Commercial and Mixed Use.

I should point out that although I list Gloucester County as my primary area of concentration, I've done transactions and have relationships with several realtors and builders from LBI to Wildwood.

I've been in the industry since '87. I cut my teeth on Fha/VA in the 80's, soliciting hard-working blue collar type neighborhoods.

In the early 90's I had the opportunity to take a position with Margaretten Mortgage and serviced the shore area, which gave me a strong background in the second home/investment property market.

In the late 90's I was VP with Hancock Mortgage. I developed business and marketing strategies and prepared broker packages and reports for investor/wholesale approval. I also held the position of Sales Manager for much of that time. This entailed motivating and instructing LO's and handling situations with underwriters, appraisers, etc...

During this period I became experienced in commercial loans. Most calls regarding this type financing were handed over to me.

Although I did administrative 'inside' work much of the time between 2000 and 2007, I still continued to generate my own originations and thus did not lose any edge as an LO.

I now am employed with Lincoln Mortgage. Lincoln is far ahead of the curve in all areas, including technology, compliance, product development, licensing issues, and inside support. Underwriting is reasonable and keeps we LO's alerted to program and guideline changes daily. In this ever-changing market, these updates are crucial to my clients, my realtor associates, and me.


I'm a mtg consultant for 20+ yrs. My primary objective is educating and doing my absolute best for my clients. I've recently joined Lincoln Mtg, a company built upon integrity and professionalism.