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Marina Gavrylyuk
Homes & Condos for Sale in Mississauga and Toronto
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I am a Real Estate Broker and this site is about Real Estate. But not just the houses and condos, bricks and mortar, mortgage rates and buyer or seller market, but also things that for many people turn the house into a home. What these things are?
Fabulous folks next door that we know so little about;
Smell of freshly baked bread and a glass of good wine;
Parks, rivers and lakes around the corner that we’ve never seen;
Big events of the little villages;
Cats and dogs, birdies and fishies;
All these little things that make our lives worthwhile.
I will go out there and explore and will be truly honoured shall you decide to join.
Check out my blog for new post everyday. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram are welcome too ;)

Kiara T.
Good Review We met Marina about 2 years ago when we responded to an ad on Kijiji that advertised a house for rent. We couldn’t get in contact with the agent that was leasing the property, however, we discovered Marina’s contact information and she was able to schedule a showing for us. From there Marina sent us a list of houses we might be interested in daily. As we had recently moved from Manitoba to Ontario and were unfamiliar with the area, she took us to houses bouncing between Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering, and Mississauga. Throughout this, Marina maintained a high level of patience and understanding and demonstrated a high standard of professionalism whilst handling our overwhelming requests. When she was unable to make a scheduled appointment due to personal reasons, she arranged for someone to take us in her stead to ensure we didn’t miss something we liked. After seeing a lot of houses, we ended up renting a house in Mississauga. We let her know we would use her the following year when we were ready to buy a house of our own. The hunt was back on the following year and once again Marina handled our frustrations, struggles and time constraints with understanding and patience as we were frequently outbid. After changing areas, Marina showed us the beautiful house we now call home. Marina went above and beyond what we believe any other realtor would. She demonstrated a great strength and a willingness to overcome challenging obstacles and she has not only been a great realtor, but is now also someone we are happy to call a friend. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Marina. If you’re looking for someone who goes above expectations, we would highly recommend working with her. Five stars! Bad Review All I can say about Marina is that when we were looking to rent a house, she took us to a couple of houses twice and even showed us some murder homes! But we won’t tell anyone this. This is just our secret ;)
Yes thank you. On the side you have a great way with people, generous and positive. I remembered all that when we first met and the few things you did after....share our kijiji ad, feature sheets etc, all while respecting our wishes to try private and not being in any way pushy or arrogant. That all stuck with me and you were an easy choice when we decided agent was needed. Thanks again!
Patty P.
Awesome!!!! Thank you so much Marina!
Konstantin D.
Last spring we had to sell our townhouse in Mississauga in order to move closer to downtown Toronto. We only owned it for a year and a half and I wasn’t excited about the sale as I was sure we will lose money on it. I have already had real estate agents I had been working with before, but have decided to give it a try with Marina as I had good references for her. From the very start Marina took initiative and has shown us some properties in our area so we could have an understanding of how much we can get for our townhouse. She has helped us to prepare the property for the viewings and having a good taste she gave us a few really useful advises on what needs to be changed and what is better to leave as it is. This way we have been able to quickly prepare the house to make it look at its best. When the potential buyers started to view the property Marina has been following up with each of them to see what their opinion was and what they liked and didn’t like in the house, and if there was any way they could still give us an offer. She was always going an extra mile to bring more potential buyers and if anything could be done to make the sale better, she was on it. As a result of Marina’s efforts, very soon we have got multiple offers for the townhouse we were selling and were able to sell it quickly for a very good price. My initial fears that we would lose on the sale were drowned by the fact that we have actually made much more than I could have ever thought of before! Marina is a real professional, knowing all sides of the business, really passionate about what she does. We are very happy that we have chosen her as our real estate broker and we hope to use her services in the future.

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