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Morgan Amell
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Get to Know Morgan Amell

 Hello everyone! My name is Morgan Amell and I am Located in Walnut Creek CA. I have been in the Mortgage Business for 3 years and have enjoyed every step along the way. I have worked in every aspect of this business so i am very diligent about my work and I make sure it's all down to a Tee.

As you can all see I am one of the few younger Mortgage Planners in this business. The way I like to see it is that I am fresh in the knowledge I know and I have a lot of spunk and drive. Im not a quitter, I am a fighter! I will fight to get my deals done and make sure my clients are well taken care of!  I know what to do and who to talk with. As the business does slow down in some peoples eyes thats when you need run and run fast, but the way I look at it is, it's just another place to plant my feet and take off! The slower it get's the more knowledge I get in the aspect that i will then have to learn many new avenues to keep all my clients happy. It what builds your core Mortgage Planner!!

I am also a  very down to earth person I do all the normal things you might do. I camp, I hike, I swim, im athletic, Im smart I'm everything you can imagine and more. I can relate to most of my clients weather they be first time home buyer or an elderly couple looking for their retierment home! I will make every step of the way enjoyable and fun. I dont feel that any process that is this intense should be boring or harsh. I want my clients to have a great expreience with me and be able to possibly connect with them outside of the office. It is always nice when you can do business the right way but also have a friend in the end.

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My Specialty is in two area's...

1) Construction/Lot Loans: I work with a few builders now and I am always open to work with more! :) The reason I do specialize in COnstruction is becasue It is something that hit's home. When there is something you can relate to the more you will WANT to learn and know about it! Construction is a huge part of my family. My father own's Amell Construction here in Walnut Creek and does absolutly beautiful work! Therefor It's more of a passion for me to be involved in Construction and Lot loans.

2) First Time Home Buyers: This again is another one that i specialize in because it's something that touches me. I too was a first time home buyer not to long ago so I feel like I can relate to these people. I feel there Emotions and I understand their worries. I will take my first time home buyers under my wing becasue I know EXACTLY how I wanted to be treated during my 1st home process. it is a very intense time in someone's live and I would love to be a part of that experience to make it as smooth as possible!