Raymond MAASKE, Commercial Real Estate (BusCom Real Estate Services)

Kelowna , BC

As owner and broker of Home Star Realty, Raymond Maaske, BBA, CCC , ATM-B utilizes the most innovative and effective marketing techniques for selling residential and commercial real estate.

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Founded on the principles of genuine caring and personal service, Raymond consistently exceeds all customer expectations by providing a satisfying experience and exceptional value. Every effort is made to provide immediate corrective action should any customer problems occur (i.e., he isn’t perfect). Raymond is responsible for creating exceptional, profitable results with the investments entrusted to him, and efficiently serving his customers by not only being competitive but leading the way.  Raymond has two degrees (Business and Theology), specialized training and Certificates in Canadian Audit, Accounting and Taxation, member of the Canadian Commercial Council of Realtors®, Certificates in Chinese Studies, TEFL certification and continues to learn everything he can to best serve his clients.