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Hello and Good Evening!

Since this a new venture for me and my team here at L&M Cashflow Inc., we are looking to have many positive supports as well as partners on our side to help those achieve their success any way we can. That is also way we have extend our availablity to reach others through Twitter, Windows Live Spaces, and BetterNetworker. So having said you can also follow us at http://www.twitter.com/lporter09 and http://www.betternetworker.com/lourdes_porter . However, my team and I are updating some websites do to the changes in the market so please keep a watch as to what L&M Cashflow team will be doing in the months to come. Look forward to many great learning experiences on this site.


Hello, I am from Manhattan, NY. living here in South Carolina since fifteen years old but I've been traveling from New York to Missouri, then back to South Carolina for almost 5 years now trying to find myself and what direction I want my life to go. So, while I attend college at Monroe College in Bronx, NY. I decided to form a corporation of the businesses I'd already was working or had been taking an active role as partner. Thus Bring me to L&M Cashflow, Inc. now that I've come to a more clearer path in my life, I have been able to help so many in my company and outside the company as well. Coming back to South Carolina was an added bonus for me, because when I left, I'd really didn't have any direction and depression was soon to be my down fall; I did not want to let that stop me to my greatest accomplishment, Success! So, I'm a CEO and Chairperson of the Board, along with my brother and mother, who has added their expertise to the different areas of business. However, there is still much to be taught and see expanded into other areas my team and I are strongly working hard on to making our success happen. I am ready for Phase 2!


INVESTMENT TYPES: Lease Options, Short Sales, Subject To, and Wholesales.

ACTIVITY LEVEL: Full-Time Investor


REASON ON RA: Business Networking and Make Partnership

OTHER WEBSITES: http://www.weprovidethecash.com/sellersite.php?id=lporter64


Charleston Real Estate Association, Cashflow 101 & 202, Stock Market Investing, and Attending Seminars to Network with others of like minds. Also, I am looking for someone that wants to become my mentor, whether full time or part time that can help me furthure my real estate investor education. I have taken a few courses at Trump University and have spent part of my time building a wealth library in my home and in my primary business that I've incorporated in 2007. Well, I look forward in meeting a mentor or someone with greater experience than myself.