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I'm a Certified Mortgage Planner helping clients incorporate the mortgage loan they choose into their overall long and short term financial and investment goals; and their payment & equity objectives

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Hey there, Eric Anthony (I'm the one on the right....hehe) here and thank you for visiting my site.  Let me tell you a bit about me....In the mortgage business since 2000.  I'm a CMP (Certified Mortgage Planner) only 1/10 of 1% of Loan Originators has this certification. 

I represent the 2nd Largest Mortgage Brokerage in the Country, Carteret Mortgage Corporation. 

INC. Magazine ranked us the 59th Fastest Growing Company out of 500.  NOT BAD!

As a Certified MOrtgage Planner working on the broker/wholesale side of things I have access to the worlds best banks. Countrywide, Wells Fargo, GMAC Mortgage, Citi Mortgage, Washington Mutual....and hundreds more even smaller bank that have even better price and lower rates.  So as your consultant, i work to find you the best deal thats out there.  And MAKE the banks compete for your business. 

Plus, another benefit of working with me....i have no retail branch.  I work in the comfort of my home.  What does that really mean to you?  I have virually NO overhead.  Unlike a Retail Branch....thats why retail branch locations have high rates and fees.  They have to pay the phone lines, big light bills, receptionist, you name it.  NOT with me......

And did you know that the average Loan Officer in 2007 funded just under 7 Million Dollars in home loans.  Is that Good?  (In the famous Kasitstan voice of Borat) NOTTTTTT!

I'm very proud to share that my 2007 personal home loan production was well over 35 Million....making 2007 my 2nd best year ever.  What does that really mean? It means when you treat your customers right not only will they refer you, they will stay with you.

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I currently have 23 state licenses.  98% of my business stems from new home buyers and past clients who have loan amounts from 500k to 40 Million.  And I do extensive Commercial Financing; from Car Washes, Hotels and Airports.

My goal is to be your advisor.  To help you strategically incorporate the mortgage loan you select into your long and short term goals.  And to help you understand the power of enpowered wealth.  The ability to use home equity, and give it new life to earn a rate of return.

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