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Lupe Kinsella
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Get to Know Lupe Kinsella

Lupe Kinsella has been assisting home buyers in achieving the American dream for over 10 years. She has a passion for providing exceptional customer service and takes time to understand her clients’ needs in order to find the best mortgage solution. From first-time homebuyers to investors to homebuilders, she treats each transaction as if it were her own, always keeping her clients’ best interest as her top priority.

Lupe enjoys running, biking, kayaking and photography. She is an active member of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, soon to be Ambassador for the Chamber. She is a member of the FLYP (Folsom’s Leading Young Professionals) Leadership Committee and is in charge of fund raising for the Lois B. Young scholarship fund.


What I do for buyers:  I am here for you every single step of the way.  I will take a thorough application and will collect all necessary documentation up front.  My team and I will go over the file together to ensure quality and completeness.  You will receive your Pre-Approval letter, and I will notify your Real Estate Agent that you are now a well qualified buyer.  Once you have placed an offer, I will personally contact the Listing Agent to let them know that your income and assets have been verified and that you are a strong borrower.  I will also shed light on the fact that you have chosen a Lender that guarantees a timely close.

What I do for buyers with less than perfect credit:  If your credit score is below 640, I will work with you to get your score up.  My experience shows that your score can be increased quite a bit in a matter of weeks.  It can take time, and can be stressful.  But it's absolutely worth it!  Minimize the scrutiny with a better score and take advantage of working with a Lender that offers top-notch service.

What I do for Realtor's:  Bottom line, I help you increase your buyer-side business.  Please let me know if this interests you.

What I do for everyone else:  I care about you and your business.  Realtors, Financial Planners, CPA's, Attorney's, small business owners, you name it.  I am passionate about helping people.


I am a Mortgage Banker employed by a direct Lender. I am licensed to lend in CA and am bilingual English/Spanish.