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Best Interest Credit Repair utilizes every available tool to get the desired results to improve your clients credit scores.  Our goal is to legally change or delete the negative reportings on ones credit report, thereby raising the credit score enough to return the buyer to you witin 30 to 60 days as a qualified buyer. We continue to improve the clients credit score until we are satisfied we have improved everything possible for them within our six month obligation to them.  Is this actually possible?  Of course it is with the right company.  In the seven years we have been helping clients we have not once had to issue any money back with our guarantee policy. Our clients are so happy with the results we obtain for them that we have never had to honor that guarantee in the seven years we have been doing business. 

Once we have the client's credit report we give them a free consultation letting them know what we may be able to accomplish for them. With our experience, we draft letters for our clients with a proven strategy to get the best results possible.  We know the right terminology to use to get their attention!  We know the proper codes of the law to utilize with these challenges so they know we mean business.  We also know how many items can be challenged per letter in order that it will not be considered frivolous by the bureaus and placed into the shredders. (Yes, that can actually happen.)  We know exactly where, and in which department within the bureaus to send these letters to get the results we are looking for. We know how frequently we can send these letters so they will not end up in the shredder.  All of this, along with other tricks of the trade, create our proven strategy, which creates for our clients an average credit score increase of 90 points!  Credit bureaus must also follow the law. If they do not follow the laws governing the protection of our client they must automatically delete the negative information on behalf of our client and the clients credit score goes up instantly.  Creditors and public records must also follow the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and about six other acts designed to protect the consumer in matters of credit.  If the creditors and public records do not follow every step of the FCRA when reporting negative information, we can get it deleted.  What we are finding, is that about 95% of the time they do not follow every step of the law.  This is because the FCRA is 90 pages long of steps that must be followed.  This is very time consuming and therein very expensive for them to do this.  At Best Interest Credit Repair we know which steps are usually not followed and we can get them deleted.  When we get an item deleted the credit score INSTANTLY goes up.  We can legally remove Late Payments, Repossessions, Bankruptcies, Collections, Judgments, Student Loans, Foreclosures and Charge-offs.  We are not like a credit consultation company where there are marks on the credit report showing that a company helped the client recover.  There is nothing on the credit report to show that Best Interest Credit Repair was ever involved.    As negative information gets changed or deleted, when the credit report is pulled again it will reflect the changes and the deleted information will not appear at all. 

Agents and lenders utilizing our services at Best Interest Credit Repair report to us an average of 50% more closings due to the qualified buyers we return to them.  We keep our agents and lenders updated as to their clients progress each month.  Once we feel we have enough points for the buyer to qualify, based on our experience, we let you know when to pull credit again.  This is so that you do not pull credit too soon and lower their score even more.   We are currently upgrading our website so that in the near future you will be able to access the clients you have referred to us with a password and user-name. You will be able to see the progress of each client you and you alone have sent to us to see the progress and when to pull credit again.  NOTE: Do not be fooled by some repair organizations that tell you or your client that they can pull the credit report for the client.  This is completely illegal.  No credit repair company can legally pull a credit report for any reason!  You can, with your clients verbal permission, send us the report in order that we may give them our free consultation.

Our fee is nominal in the industry.  There are no hidden fees or additional fees.  Our Contract Agreement is pursuant to the Credit Repair Organizations Act  15U.S.C. 1679e.   We outline the Terms & Conditions of the Contract.  We provide the State and Federal Law(Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law).  We provide a Limited Power of Attorney granting us the permission to act on behalf of the consumer.  We provide a Notice of Cancellation, (this notifies the consumer that with our company they may cancell the contract without any penalty or obligation at any time prior to the fifth business day after the contract is signed.  We include the description of Items Required for Processing needed to act on their behalf.  We are professionals.  We are fast, thorough, and experts at repairing credit.  No information is ever shared, or sold.  All clients, if acting with an agent or lender are returned to that agent/lender as quickly as possible in order for the sale to proceed.  While we can make no guarantee of specific results or of a specific score increase, what we can tell you is that  about 95% of the time creditors do not follow every step of the law.  Therefore, about 95% of the time we can get the derogotory items changed or deleted. 

In closing I would just like to say how important it is to work with a professional.  A company with integrity, one you can feel confident in as you speak with your client about the need for credit repair.  Please feel free to call us at any time @ 530.646.4036 or email us

I look forward to hearing from each of you and building great friendships.

Linda Coyle

Best Interest Credit Repair Specialist