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          " It is my mission to help Brokers and Agents build their business through technology, training and support while consistently closing loans in a timely manner with honesty , integrity, transparency, professional and courteous service that represents the best interests of everyone involved throughout the process and the real estate industry as a whole."



About Me

          I began riding the real estate roller coaster in 2001 and weatherd the storms and basked in the sun with the rest of us in this great nation we call home. I got my start with a direct lender here in Orange County that had a great training program for new real estate recruits. This helped me tremenously by getting a good foundation set. After meeting an old freind who worked for a broker and seeing the freedom he had in pricing and programs, I was off to the races. I took every opportunity to learn as much about the history of mortgage rates and real esate trends and programs as I could. I wanted to distinguish myself as a professional, and not just a salesperson.

I look back and see how much I did, and still do enjoy being of service as someone who you can trust to consistently get the job done with integrity and transparency. I currently have many niche products that will help to qulify just about any buyer from foreigners that have a work visa and social #, but no U.S. credit, cross collateralization for high balance investors, to rehab loans.

     My Father owned his own business for years in my local community and taught me a valuable life lesson about your identity in the business world. He told me, " You never want to be the cheapest. It's, whatever it is, usually junk, and I am not going to be associated with that type of work. Nor do you want to be priced too high out of the market. Price yourself reasonably and exceed all expecations so at the end of the day your client feels like they got more than they paid for." He would always look for some way to give some extra value to his service even if it meant moving some old boxes too heavy for an elderly person while at the job site. I am so excited to be part of a company that gives me the opportunity to put this philosophy into action, through cutting edge technology and dedication to service. I look forward to an exciting future for everyone who wants to join our team of Real Estate Professionals.


"Your Success is our Business"


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