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We have worked in customer service for over 25 years, indivdually and as husband and wife. We have learned what customers want, what they need and how to implement a strategy to accomplish their requirements. We know how to work with people.

We know how we want to be treated and we make sure that our clients receive the exact same treatment. This view should especially be in Real Estate when dealing with a person's dream, requirements and making sure that the Real Estate Transaction runs as smoothly as should be to accomplish their goal.

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We get the biggest joy of helping military folks relocate to Southern NOVA (South of Northern Virginia). We usually get to know our clients through word of mouth and then emails. We have to understand that relocating may take some time. To move to an area that you don't know is daunting to say the least. There is a need for someone who can show what homes are available or point them to our websites to search for themselves. Then we go to see the homes and see if we would want our clients to live there. Madeline has a rule: "If I can not see myself living here, then this is not the place that my clients!" When we see the joy of our clients when they purchase their new home or buy a home or rent a home, what we do is worth the extra effort.

We do not like to see anyone loose their home. We do have experience in pre-forclosures, foreclosures and short sales. This the sad state of affairs in Real Estate, keep check out our blog, where we will give as much information as can be found on not loosing your home.

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