Marlene Rose (Carinosa Credit Repair)

Credit Repair, FICO Enhancement, Credit Education. Empowering people to take control of their financial lives. Qualify for lower interest rates. Knowledge is power!

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I have 30 years experience in the real estate industry.  My experience includes title closer, title rep., mortgage loan officer, loan processor, construction management, transaction coordinator and realtor.

I believe there are still homes, to sell and money to be made.  I decided to be creative with marketing to clients.  The same old marketing tools are not relevant in this economic market.  We have an abundance of homes for sale.  What is truly needed is an abundance of qualified buyers.  Help clients increase their credit scores.  Connect them with a reputable lender and the are back in the Purchasing Pipeline!

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My team of expert credit repair professionals and I provide my clients services that can re-establish their good credit.  Once we have cleaned up the credit report we then can teach FICO enhancments which can help those scores improve.  My clients will see results in the first 90 days and have the ability to monitor their account status 24/7.